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IRS Agrees To Monitor Church Sermons

The IRS recently settled a case against it brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). As part of the settlement, the IRS has agreed to… 570 more words


Tweet of the Day: Church | State

No, not a Constitutional scholar, just…watch this closely. Church…here. State…there. Separate. Would a picture help?—
Stephen King (@StephenKing) July 20, 2014

The Master of Horror chimes in on the eroding wall between Church and State in America.

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Is Britain really a Christian nation?

It has come to my attention that David Cameron has claimed that the UK is a Christian nation and tonight ITV is shitting out a half-hour TV special that talks about whether or not the UK is a Christian nation. 1,292 more words


The Voice of God

In politics there are so many sacred cows, but the most dangerous one, in my opinion, is the deference we give to beliefs that come with a supposed blessing from god. 1,499 more words

Should an Atheist Group be Disallowed a Seat at the Table of Public Discourse?

Empathy, as I often say, must not be a one way street. The only way to a peaceful world is through Universal Empathy and Benevolent Reciprocity. 646 more words

Empathy And The Constitution Of The U.S.

Peter Berger on the Anglican Establishment

At The American Interest, Peter Berger has an interesting post on the benefits of the Anglican establishment. He suggests, citing sociologist Grace Davie, that other countries should consider a soft establishment along Anglican lines, as a way “to combine a specific religious identity with freedom for all those who do not share it”: 335 more words