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Van Til, the Full-Orbed Life, and the Spirit of Reconstruction

When Van Til got Crazy Political

by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Jan 2015

Cornelius Van Til usually did not express his view on politics and government. But in one place that he did, it came as a worldview tidal wave. 3,793 more words


De Monarchia now available for free download

Thanks to the hard work of a number of volunteers, especially Leni (book coordinator), Lucretia (lubee930, proof listener), and Ann (icequeen), Dante’s De Monarchia is now available (in English) for you to download and listen to for free! 61 more words

Prayer in Schools ≠ God in Schools

“It all went downhill when we took God out of school!” I have heard things similar to this repeatedly since I became a Christian. To many of the Christians I’ve been around over the last 5 years, America’s problems are the product of Americans “taking God out of” the government and schools. 715 more words

Christian Anarchism

“You can’t fight atom bombs with pop-guns”

The Governing Class

By Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

 Back in 1967, G. William Domhoff, associate professor of Psychology of the University of California at Santa Cruz, 1,529 more words


Free Speech Cannot Have Limits (But You're Free to Disagree)

Are their limits to free speech? The pope seems to think so. According to his recent comments in regards to the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris, he clarified what he meant by these limits: “You cannot provoke. 658 more words

Church And State

"The Catholic Church in Ireland Today" (Cochran & Waldmeir eds.)

This February, Lexington Books  will release “The Catholic Church in Ireland Today” edited by David Carroll Cochran (Loras College) and John C. Waldmeir (Loras College).   199 more words

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