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Church bells ring

on Sunday morning

calling out to those who wait.

Traffic passing,

Breezes blowing,

Listening once again

at a garden gate.


John Betjeman: Two Poems on Church Bells

As church bells ring out across the land today, I would like to share a couple of poems by John Betjeman which capture something of the many emotions that their sound is able to conjure up. 933 more words


7:00 - Free Verse - September 13, 2014

Church bells ring the hour
each one chimes its own time,
creating echoes in the valley -
7:00 lasts for a while …

The birds are silent… 83 more words


Quantum of Solas 3 - Abortion, Australia, Ashya King, Swiss Bells, the Day of Reckoning, an open letter to Alex Salmond

Abortion in Australia: Helen Thomas tells Zoe’s story | Ashya King | Sunday trading for the Post Office in Scotland | Church bells ban in Swiss town | “Day of Reckoning” remark by Menzies Campbell | Scottish Independence Referendum: An open letter to Alex Salmond. 32 more words


Poetry, film and the strangeness of the recent past

What would you be, you wide East Anglian sky,

Without church towers to recognise you by?

John Betjeman, A Passion for Churches (1974)

It’s impossible not to look at and write about English village churches without the presence of…

605 more words
The Light Ships

A Lost Sound

Clarions have replaced the ringing of bells in many churches. The Marbletown Church in Stone Ridge, NY rang their bells once again so we could record them.

Sound And Story Collection

Poem Begun in Darkness

Writing late at night, alone in darkness

that is more than absence of light,

I drop into asleep at the keyboard -

awakened by sounds of coffee being made, 7 more words