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Riga Dome Church - Courtyard

After visiting the inside of the Riga Dome church, I happened to see a small sign pointing at a door.  It appeared as though there was more to the church than just the interior.  280 more words


The Bells of London: Defining the city's acoustic territories

Many artists examine city soundscapes in an attempt to define a place in sound, and RCA MA Design Products graduate Jess Fügler exhibited an interesting take on this recently. 179 more words


Children of the Sun

Saint Peter’s churchyard in Sandwich is on the South side,  a good spot to bask for a quarter of an hour’s worth of Saint Martin’s Summer sunshine, having paid my Armistice Day respects to the poppies by the North door, and to the men they represent. 140 more words

Lost In Church Bells

Lost In Church Bells

The church bells strike the hour. I’ve lost count,
and I waste myself sitting here but I cannot
find any movement within me. 135 more words

Found Poetry

All nighters

Had a very crazy and tiring weekend,  I have learnt that all nighters may seem fun at the time but they aren’t a smart idea. I don’t understand people who do it regularly, it’s crazy how little sleep they must get. 130 more words


The life of the land based traveller

19th October 2014 – Bells (Fujifilm X10)

The church bells and barking dogs are the language of this town. From before sunrise to well after dark the church rings out each quarter hour. 83 more words

1000 Words Sept To Dec 2002

Do you hear the bells??

I love how traveling opens our eyes and ears to new sights and sounds. Take magpies for instance. We don’t have magpies in Kentucky, or at least not that I’ve seen. 298 more words