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Church Government

I really like my church.

With a global membership of over 18 million members, things can go haywire without decency and order. So in my church, we are divided into regional structures, and the members vote for leaders of each level by way of delegates. 353 more words

Presbyterianism- Thornwell versus Hodge

One important topic Dr. Wilburn discusses in the lecture is the differences which Thornwell and Hodge embraced regarding the distinct elements of Presbyterian Polity. The issue was, in part, how is Presbyterianism defined, and what are the distinct marks which set it apart from other doctrines of church polity.  573 more words


Church Order

The local church has been minimized over the years by many individuals as a nice to have but not as a necessity. There is seemingly more importance placed on reading the bible rather than living the bible within a covenant community. 216 more words