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Driscoll: surprised anyone believes in a local church

This transcript is taken from the latest podcast released by The Resurgence Leadership, and the article can be found here: Leading Church Growth, Part 2… 400 more words

Church Government

How Jesus Runs the Church

No More of Man’s Ideas,
Instead Only Christ’s Rule!

by Reed DePace

My completing seminary included a move to a new denomination, the PCA. Coming from a denomination whose tradition was rooted in German pietism and Dispensationalism my understanding of how God works through church government was decidedly uninformed. 288 more words

Priorities for the Religious Society of Friends

A story is told about John the Beloved Disciple, who, alone of the twelve disciples, lived to a very old age and died a natural death.   955 more words


Understanding the 5 Fold Ministry…. Introduction

Apostles? Prophets? Evangelists? Pastors? Teachers? What’s that all about?   Who’s who? What do they do? Why are they here? I’ve heard of Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists in the church, but what about Apostles and Prophets? 1,196 more words

Biblical World View

The perspicuity of Scripture and Christian Antinomianism

Why does the Lord’s Supper have bread and wine, instead of cookies and grape soda? Well, there are several mentions of the Lord’s Supper in the New Testament and they all include bread and wine. 1,375 more words