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The Meaning In Meetings

I wish that I had had the foresight when I was young to have started a tally of church meetings that I attended—though I’m not sure if I would be impressed or depressed by the number. 857 more words

The Support of the Church Meetings

When the Lord’s recovery came to the United States, a brother who had been a preacher turned this
way. One day I called Hymn #255 by A. 1,154 more words

Church Meetings

Not conformed to ordinances and religion but free in spirit

The example of Paul, the apostle to the gentiles

The fact that Peter was influenced by the Jewish believers indicates that he was not fully delivered… 850 more words

Church Meetings

The Need for Perfecting the Saints

What about the functioning among today’s Christians? In a large so-called church, with perhaps
three thousand, five thousand, or even seven thousand members, not one is a proper functioning… 476 more words

Church Meetings

The Christian Gatherings

Building the Church by the Spirit’s Gifts, the Lord’s Ministries, and God’s Operations
We build up the church in the church meetings by the Spirit’s gifts, the Lord’s ministries, and… 1,951 more words

Church Meetings

Being out-the-front puts on 10% more "boring"

They say the TV camera puts on 10pounds… As thin as you might look in person, it never gets fully captured on TV.
Being out-the-front at church does something similar… But not to your weight (no one would care anyway… Right!?). 114 more words

Christ is our offering to God


The tent of meeting brings God to the earth. God is no longer in the heavens; He is here in the tent of meeting. 809 more words

Church Meetings