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25 Quotes From Jonathan Leeman's "Church Membership"

Jonathan Leeman is a member at Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. He is the author of The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love.  671 more words

Book Recommendations

You should consider becoming a Presbyterian, part 6

The meaning of the Sacraments, part 2

In the last post I argued that only believers should receive baptism because in baptism, God promises forgiveness of sins. 700 more words

Rethinking The Church

Plank eye disease

Are you quick to see (and talk about) ways others don’t measure up while overlooking failures and sins in your own life or family?

A recent survey of 20 somethings indicated that 9 out of 10 think of Christians as judgmental. 1,038 more words


For Those That Don't Feel Connected at Church

Have you been your church without ever connecting in any significant way? Does your fellowship with those at your church consist of no more than a few small conversations on a Sunday? 330 more words

New Identity - New Relationships

There’s a profound connection between personal identity and transformed relationships. How we see ourselves affects the way we relate to others.

Take a close look at three verses that could change your understanding of yourself and the nature of your relationships. 1,210 more words


Are you a Christian?

B.H. Carroll gives us some helpful advice when thinking about our own salvation. His pastoral wisdom is especially helpful when talking with your children and grandchildren about the evidence of salvation. 281 more words

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