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Organizational Intelligence and Community Impact

 Most contemporary observers agree that a shift from membership to discipleship is now taking place. Younger generations in particular want to know how to impact the world, not simply maintain an institution. 396 more words


When Your Church is Disappointing

There is a helpful read over at The Cripplegate that is worth your time. What should you do when you find your church disappointing? Eric Davis offers 10 suggestions that will help those who struggle. 17 more words

Church Membership

The Word Makes the Church; 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Main Point: We are a Word dependent people.

You can listen to the sermon audio here 

There are certain necessary things which we must have in order to live: air, water, and pie. 1,217 more words

The Church

Urgent question for the Church

Question: “Is it possible to be so casual about what it means to belong to a Church that belonging loses its effectiveness and removal becomes irrelevant?” 392 more words

Church Leadership

Each Member Knows the Lord; Hebrews 8:8-12

Main Point: Every church member knows the Lord.

Have you ever been around a name-dropper? Every conversation ends with a name-dropper explaining how he knows a person directly related to the subject. 3,157 more words

If You’re Thinking about Leaving A Church . . .

Mark Dever:


1. Pray.

2. Let your current pastor know about your thinking before you move to another church or make your decision to relocate to another city. 191 more words


Presbyterian Members in Baptist Churches?

This is a question primarily for Reformed Baptist pastors, but I’ll take answers from anyone. Imagine you are a pastor of a 1689 Reformed Baptist church in an area where there are no conservative, confessional, Calvinistic Presbyterian churches for miles. 130 more words