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Jesus Doesn't Care What Kind Of Music You Like, And I'll Prove It

That’s right. I said it. Bold statement, I know, but if that totally surprises you coming from Only A Soldier, my guess is this might be your first time on my blog. 3,507 more words

"Psalm Singing: An Old-Time Controversy" - The Musical Times (July 1, 1901)


(FOUNDED 1844)


NOVELLO, EWER AND CO., NEW YORK. 2,957 more words

Church Music

Composer Biography: Tomas Luis de Victoria (c1548-1611)

Also Tommaso Ludovico da Vittoria (the Italian version of his name)

When people think about the 16th century, there are three names that come to mind: Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina (c1525-1594), Orlando de Lassus (1532-1594), and Tomas Luis de Victoria. 3,769 more words


Ambler, No. 19 [On Church Music*]

And therefore restlesse inquietude for the diuturnity of our memories unto present considerations, seems a vanity almost out of date, and superanuated peece of folly. — Sir T.

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Sir Thomas Browne

Church Music: When to Get out of the Way

So there I was last week, sitting in the large auditorium on the grounds of a denominational campground. We were just coming up to the message, and the person chairing the service remarked about the great acoustics in the place and suggested we stand and sing the simple, one-word chorus, “Hallelujah” acapella. 371 more words

Choral Music! aka "The Best Part of the Day" (Part II)

Today marks the second of a series of articles on choral literature, my bread and butter.  I remember thinking a few years ago, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could make a living as a professional chorister?”  Of course I realize that there are probably fewer than 150 full-time positions of that nature in this country and those who have them don’t give them up lightly.  1,102 more words

I Fell in Love with Christ By Listening to CCM: Why I'm Not Ashamed of the Truth

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently finished reading the book “Rebuilt,” by Rev. Michael White and Thomas Corcoran, and I have spent the past few weeks reflecting on what was proposed by the authors as solutions to some of the problems faced by the Church today, namely dwindling numbers of parishioners, lack of interest in the faith, and a general mindset of consumerism. 3,638 more words

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