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31/08/2014 sermon: Forgiveness, and the new humanity in Jesus Christ (Luke 10:25-37 and Acts 8:26-34)

In our Communion service on Sunday 31st August, our Minister Peter considered the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunoch, along with the themes of forgiveness, and the new humanity in Jesus Christ. 55 more words

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TBT: The Golden Idols

Time for a little throwback Thursday Art Edition. We were in a series focusing on the Ten Commandments, that shared how the Lord gave us these out of love, and we should look at them as protecting us vs. 119 more words

17/08/2014 service: Granting forgiveness (Luke 23:26-38)

In our service on Sunday 17th August, our Minister Peter considered Luke 23:26-38 and continued on the theme of granting forgiveness, considering two individual examples of forgiveness following very difficult circumstances. 46 more words

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13/07/2014 service: Putting God first

In our service on Sunday 13th July, in Peter’s absence, John Hodge led the service and explored passages relating to three different kings in the Bible, in the context of Matthew 22:37: 92 more words

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06/07/2014 sermon. Faithfulness. (Matthew 26:20-26, John 21:15-17)

In our ‘All Age service’ on Sunday 6th July, Peter considered the theme of ‘Faithfulness’ in light of passages relating to Jesus and his disciples from Matthew 26:20-26, and John 21:15-17. 56 more words

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29/06/2014 sermon. Trust (John 11:1-44)

In our Communion service on Sunday 29th June, Peter continued to consider a number of critical events in the lives of Jesus’ friends Lazarus, Mary and Martha – in particular Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, in the context of the theme of the theme of ‘Trust’. 46 more words

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