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"At turns prayerful, thoughtful, challenging, and moving..."

The Church Times this week reviews my book, Backpacking through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity.

IN HER book Travelling In, Monica Furlong wrote: “Priests are justified only by their powers of being and seeing.”…

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Backpacking Through The Anglican Communion

Letter to the Church Times (18th July 2014)

I am writing as someone on the front-line of specialist palliative care. I also happen to be a Christian and a clergy wife, regardless of which, I would be taking this stance. 483 more words

Assisted Suicide

Review! 'Reading Revelation' By W. Gordon Campbell

Reading Revelation
A Thematic Approach

by W. Gordon Campbell
ISBN: 9780227173831

“W. Gordon Campbell takes a thematic approach in Readng Revelation: God reveals himself; humanity finds itself; and when God and humanity meet. 26 more words


Review! 'Adam as Israel'

Adam as Israel
Genesis 1–3 as the Introduction to the Torah and Tanakh

by Seth D. Postell

ISBN: 9780227900239

“Seth Postell argues that the story of the Bible’s first man is an intentional introduction to the Torah and Tanakh, which foreshadows the history of Israel and its rebellion against God, leading to the exile. 36 more words


Review! Persons, Powers and Pluralities

Persons, Powers and Pluralities

Towards a Trinitarian theology of culture

by Eric Flett

ISBN: 9780227680025

“Eric Flett’s ‘Persons, Powers and Pluralities: Towards a Trinitarian theology of culture’ draws on Thomas Torrance’s work on the doctrines of God, creation, and humanity, in developing its argument.” 18 more words