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Humpty Dumpty

Hello, I’m Humpty Dumpty and I’m going to tell you the real reason behind my great fall.

Before you ask, no, I’m not an egg. I’ve no idea where that came from. 557 more words

One final day of sight seeing in Bern

It was my pleasure to show Arthur the architecture of Bern. We climbed the tower of The Münster and enjoyed both the view of the city as well as the sculptures on the tower itself.

Art Song

8693 October/November 2009 Paper 11

In the extract below, the bombing of a town is described.

(a) Comment on the style and language of the passage.

(b) Basing your answer closely on the language and style of the original extract, write a description (between 120–150 words) of another dramatic event (real or imaginary) where a peaceful environment is suddenly disturbed. 1,482 more words