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Ailsa Craig Methodist Church - Middlesex County

Ailsa Craig

Ailsa Craig was named by the Craig family after a namesake island in the outer Firth of Clyde, Scotland, and the word is derived from the Gaelic, … 74 more words


We Choose Virtues Poster Review

This is a poster that lists 12 virtues in a colorful print. It draws the eye which is about the only way you can get smaller kids to pay attention. 169 more words


Tell the story

Making tents so that no one may say that I have come to tap into their abundance.  The Lord has given me two hands, a back and a decent mind, so that I may use the sweat of my own brow to provide for my family’s needs in continuance of our called ministry.  399 more words

Daily Share

Angela Patterson-Ilemobade

One of the best lessons from Oprah here http://asfoem.es/worth.php

Angela Patterson-Ilemobade


Antependium, VI

Edington Priory Church, Wiltshire.


Demons in the Saltshaker

I support everyone’s freedom to hold whatever religious beliefs make them happy. As long as it’s not infringing on my civil rights or hurting anyone, then by all means go boldly forth and plumb the depths of The Spiritual Universe. 616 more words



Of the places I’ve visited in England so far, Sleaford wasn’t the most beautiful or impressive. It’s a small town with a windmill in the center (though it misses some of a windmill’s most vital characteristics) and a couple of shops. 113 more words