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Why do we go to church? - When church attendance hinders faith

Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus (there is no salvation outside of the church)

The statement above summarized the belief the Medieval Western church held in regards to the importance of the church. 808 more words


EXPOSED! Modern bible versions mask the plan of the antichrist

Perhaps the most important verse in the Bible regarding the antichrist, is Daniel 8:25.

If you are using a King James Bible, you know this verse exposes the “world peace” agenda. 582 more words


Christian Identity Crisis

I was at some denominational meetings in March, and throughout them I felt a discomfort. It wasn’t just the fault of church chairs or the brown colored water we usually pass off as coffee. 742 more words


Man of God; Rick Warren

I’ve watched quite a few interviews with Rick Warren of Saddleback church, and I have to say, I’m very impressed with him. I may not agree with all of his theology, but he certainly does come across as a holy man. 13 more words


The message is spreading

Over Easter, my family went to the NC coast to visit my wife’s grandmother.  So my Easter Sunday was celebrated with members of the Church of Christ I’d never met.  227 more words

Stapenhill, Staffordshire (1)

The Church of St Peter, Stapenhill, Staffordshire.

Photo taken : 31 December 2013

Google map : http://goo.gl/maps/il8oS


Bright Week!

Christ is Risen! Truly is Risen! This Bright Week has been about food food and more food. Bacon, meat, BBQ, chocolate, ice cream, yogurt you name it chances are it has been on our table. 15 more words