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Hopefulness is a Feeling

Has anyone else out there become an expert on something simply because you have never experienced it first hand?

Somehow, last week, I became an expert on how to apologize. 308 more words

Rule #79: Football vs Church

I assume the original head of the NFL, Jim Thorpe, neglected to consult God on NFL scheduling. Perhaps he was an atheist.

As a huge football fan, I was always pissed off that all the games were scheduled on… 214 more words

My Alter Ego

Jamie arrived at life’s “crowning achievement” before the rest of us. She had turned 19 earlier in the summer so it was not surprising when she announced her engagement to a young, ambitious Man of God. 557 more words

ISIS, Christians and What We Should Do

There are many ways to get things wrong. There are many ways those who are children of God can do the wrong thing. What is the right thing to do for our situation? 1,235 more words


On Laying my Isaac down

You’re talking to a girl here who is running on fumes of strong coffee and snatched naps going on night number three, so ramble? I might! 998 more words

Teaching Our Kids Authentic Grace

As a mom, one of my growing concerns is this false message of grace that my teenagers see lived out openly in the church world. The message of grace has been hijacked and turned into something far from the authentic grace of God. 1,182 more words