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Answering common objections to King James Onlyism (part 1)

In my time of being a King James Bible believer, I have heard quite a few objections against King James Onlyism.

These objections are like hammers made from plastic. 766 more words


Humor On the Platform: Laughter is the Best Response

This is my third post on using humor in ministry.  In these posts I have been trying to find and articulate the boundaries and effectiveness of humor in my many roles as pastor.   1,325 more words


My Sheep

When Jesus spoke of his sheep, he was speaking of his true followers. They hear the voice of the Lord, they listen attentively to his words, they obey what he says, and they follow him wherever he leads them. 343 more words


Moved to Tears By Church Group's Present for my Milestone Birthday

I was moved to tears – literally – by a present from my church Life Group for my 50th birthday. As was my mum when I told her. 138 more words


Cat and Mouse

First, the cat:

Whiskers de Frunch is the same Whiskers that you read about in yesterday’s post (Scenes!). He is a cat (if you didn’t know that already) and is rather eccentric. 282 more words


Annoying, Desperate and pathetic

There’s a “church” (I use the quotes as it’s in a former bar and it has more of a bar feel than a church feel) that has a free meal once a week. 309 more words