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Whatever is LOVED is Regarded as the End

From Arcana Coelestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

Every man of adult age who possesses any judgment, and will give the matter any consideration, is able to know that he is in two kingdoms, namely, in a spiritual kingdom and in a natural kingdom; and also that the spiritual kingdom is interior, and the natural kingdom exterior; and consequently that he can set one before the other, that is, he can regard one as the end in preference to the other; and thus that the one which he regards as his end, or prefers, rules with him. 222 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Review of Angels and Men by Catherine Fox

Mara Johns has arrived in ‘a great northern cathedral city’ to continue her studies.  She is a daughter of the Vicarage, but anti-church – and interesting position in an institution that also trains Priests.   201 more words


Kids Who Write Songs, NPM memories, and other QTs


Let’s start with a story about this boy: Alex loves to rewrite songs. And oh lordy, sometimes it’s hard for an occasional songwriter to listen to it! 940 more words


Protestants and Catholic Row in Germany

As the 500th anniversary of the Reformation approaches.

A fierce row between Catholics and Protestants in Germany is the result of a misunderstanding, a German theologian has claimed.

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Pardon The Interruption

It has happened again: it appears that God wanted me to learn a lesson and therefore gave me three chances in the span of a week to grasp it.  583 more words


I Wanna Get Better

It’s annual personnel review season here at the church. and this year we’re using a new narrative template for these things. I like it a lot. 69 more words


UCA News:

Apart from praying and lamenting, is there anything else that concerned outsiders, such as the Western churches, should be doing to help Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq?

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