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Murabba manpasand!

As a child my lunch platter was never complete without the quintessential murabba topped with home-made ghee to go with my fulkas. I used to marvel at how a tangy raw mango transformed itself in the wok to become something as sweet and heavenly as the humble murabba! 285 more words

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Spring Wedding Fever


Spring has most definitely sprung! The days are longer, the birds are louder, the lambs are being born, the grass is greener and the daffodils are bright yellow. 186 more words


The Latest from Carolina Book Beat

Pickles and Preserves by Andrea Weigl (broadcast 4-14-14) Andrea, food writer for Raleigh News and Observer,  defines her year by her canning sessions, from Jerusalem Artichoke Relish in winter to spring Strawberry Preserves, summer pickled and brandies peaches and later fall Fig Preserves. 105 more words

coconut chutney!

South Indian breakfast without chutney is incomplete.. so here i am with the most common and daily use coconut chutney recipe


Grated coconut – 6-7 tbsp… 118 more words


A collection of 10 simple recipes of Dips, Spreads, Chutneys and Pastes !

1. Garden Vegetable Dip/Spread, recipe

2. Tomato and Ginger Dip / Chutney, recipe

3. Cilantro and Peanut Chutney/Spread, recipe

4. Cilantro and Sunflower seeds Pesto/Chutney… 36 more words

Apple Ginger Ale Compote

The third piece of last week’s No Waste Kitchen resolution is indeed an odd but winning combo. I had apples. Lots of apples. Lots. They are cheap and plentiful in the Greenmarket, one of the few local fruits readily available in this in between time. 423 more words


Cottage Cheese & Spinach Falafel Bites

Throwing in a get together can be exhausting especially when you are clocking in a 10 hour work days and have a crowd to feed and every one has a very specific palette. 374 more words