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Doing CI: Jenkins and Security

Out of the box Jenkins isn’t doing so well on security. As stated in the documentation, all fine for development stage. No worries, as Jenkins has an awesome plugin community you can easily fix this. 345 more words


Doing CI: Jenkins, Git and BitBucket

Git is my primary weapon as it comes to SCM. Jenkins is my weapon of choice for automatically building any code I have, either from Team Frustration Server or Git. 276 more words


OFLA 2014: Feeling Refreshed and Revitalized

Going to a conference the week after spring break is hard. Going to a conference the week after a two-week-long spring break and missing the last week before break due to a wedding is harder. 426 more words

Catalogue and Index Issue 174

The new issue of C&I is now available to members here. This issue features papers from our recent Linked Data event.


Calculating confidence intervals for proportions

Heres a couple of functions for calculating the confidence intervals for proportions.

Firstly I give you the Simple Asymtotic Method:

simpasym <- function(n, p, z=1.96, cc=TRUE){
  out <- list()
    out$lb <- p - z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n) - 0.5/n
    out$ub <- p + z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n) + 0.5/n
  } else {
    out$lb <- p - z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n)
    out$ub <- p + z*sqrt((p*(1-p))/n)
} 259 more words

Channel Islands Shop

Channel Island’s Surf Shop is hands down the best surf shop in Santa Barbara. To me it is more than a surf shop, it is a family. 382 more words