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Hacked Email from U.S. Army Attache in Ukraine - For False Flags to occur so U.S. can take military action against Russia

A CNBC story jogged my memory about hacked emails from March of this year.  The emails were from a Jason Gresh (U.S. attache at Kiev Embassy)  to an Igor Protsyk, General in the Ukraine Military.   203 more words


European Court of Human Rights Holds Poland Responsible for Allowing CIA Torture & Rendition

Kevin Gosztola writes for Firedoglake:

‘The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Poland had violated the United Nations Convention Against Torture when it allowed the CIA to torture and abuse prisoners on its territory. 160 more words


Review of Bullets and Train by Adeerus Ghayan

Review of Bullets and Train by Adeerus Ghayan

I’ll say it’s about time that a Pakistani has written a fiction about drones. Ten years of this hell and finally of the 200 million of us, one finally pens a novel on drones. 528 more words


European court finds Poland complicit in torture at CIA secret prison

(By Deutsche Welle) Poland enabled human rights violations by allowing the CIA to run a secret prison on its territory, according to a European court ruling. 951 more words