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Man, these are fast reads. I literally just started it. But really, I knew not to trust Blake. And now I’m going to watch my suspicions come true. 10 more words

Learned today




Firstly, since I have studied abroad in Russia as most already know, I will definitely be doing a lot of comparisons just because that is how things form in my mind. 369 more words


Week 3: The Art Garage

The last time I took an art class was my freshman year of high school.

Which was 15 years ago. Holy smokes, it was 15 years ago! 678 more words

Art Studios

Happy Birthday and Goodbye

Some goodbyes are the most magical thing of all…

Magical Monday

Why I Hate "Ciao, Bella:" a rant

This article sprouted organically after a hectic morning. I should probably start with I don’t mind the use of “Ciao, bella” among friends (including mine) or old acquaintances as much. 643 more words

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