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from the amazing Sonja Reckinger


Line One: Telling a person with severe fatigue to exercise

Line Two: is cruel and insane!


Our first CIC* at Plantation Field Int'l - Day One: Dressage Phase

I’m new to this blog thing, but I’m giving it a try! A couple people suggested it; most recently, it was my brother who was visiting that encouraged me since he found my emails interesting! 1,796 more words

Carpe Diem VII

from the amazing Sarah Jowett

Line One: My migraines predict an incoming thunderstorm better than any doppler radar around

Line Two: Be a useful trick, except for the blinding pain


from the amazing Ophelia Rose

Line One: Has night terrors, black outs, anxiety attacks and bouts of depression

Line Two: “Have you tried letting it go?”


from the amazing Madalena Filipa

Line One: “Are you sure it hurts right there?”

Line Two: No, I said it just for fun


from the amazing Horace Cooke

Line One: My body is more like Stone Henge

Line Two: Still there, but missing pieces and a bit of a mystery


from the amazing Deborah Hale

Line One: Someone: I’m looking for a new doctor. Me: I love my GP, he’s the best!

Line Two: Someone: Great, what’s his name? Me: Uhhhh…