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Saving Pig Nose!

The poor pig-nosed turtle… cichlids are eating her shell, so it was our job to net them out to a new home! Did a good job today :) 6 more words

Electric Yellow Fry

My Electric Yellow cichlids are breeding! I’ve moved them to a second tank to avoid being eaten, but I suspect I was too late for many of them. 42 more words


90 Gallon Update #11: Electric Blue Acara Added!

I almost got an Electric Blue Acara before. But was disuaded by the staff at the store because they said they were essentially, “mini green terrors.” My brother had one back in the day and while it held its own, I didn’t recall it being some bezerker killer. 137 more words


November 2014 Fish Video of the Month

I don’t care if I posted a video of this tank before, this is literally one of the most impressive tanks I have ever seen. 89 more words


Altolamprologus Calvus Fry

Damn right I got some babiessss.

I love Montreal! forging company

Tanganyika Aquarium 200g Update

Just babling around about my fish hehe.

I love Montreal! forging company