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Thatchers Single variety, this single we got our lips around today was Katy.

Medium dry somerset cider 7.4% vol  500 ml

Pleasure increases with every sip…

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Virginia is for Cider Cocktail Lovers (part I)

Autumn brings many things to us Virginians. Red, yellow, and bronze leaves fall from our trees; we turn to salt-cured Smithfield ham and sweet pecan pie to mark the season; and, this year we have another opportunity to add the celebration of Virginia cider to our traditions. 285 more words


Apple cider nomz

What does one do when finally faced with a free weekend? Spend it in bed and in front of the stove, obviously.

Though that could potentially be the punchline for a… 362 more words

Cider Was a Gateway Drink In 1838

How does one get to the land of Inebriation? According to C. Wilterberger, Jr’s 1838 Temperance Map it all starts with cider.

The map is an allegory of one’s descent into drunkenness and the (one and only?) route to salvation. 208 more words


On The Shelf - Lobo Norman - Cloudy Apple Brut Cider

By The Lady

Recently, The Gentleman and I visited the Adelaide Farmers’ Market and splurged a little (read : a lot). For all you Adelaidians, I highly recommend checking these markets out. 421 more words

On The Shelf

I am an Apple lover.

Real apples, that is. I’m sure that the overpriced electronics giant doesn’t need my blog to do any extra advertising for them.

My wife and I love to go apple picking. 202 more words

About Me

Wine, Liquor, and Beer, Oh My!

Oh fermented fruit….where to start.

First, I feel like I should probably start off with please don’t drink in excess or if you are underage (even if I don’t necessarily agree with that law). 421 more words