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Last Friday Night

This is post specifically because somebody asked me what i did last Friday night. Ask me questions and you get answered.

Toto, Japanese maker of excellent toilets and bathroom stuff, organized a Badminton night for us. 99 more words

Out And About


is the day when I offer heart felt thanks to those who have been of service or not within and without the cyber-world of Nela Bligh. 200 more words


BIG News: Cider for Sale! (But You'll Have to Wait)

Two years ago when I started my first ciders I didn’t think I’d be able to say the following so soon (if ever, really): I’m making cider for sale. 204 more words


A Little Bit of Color

Hi all! Is it already almost Thanksgiving? Really?! I am only just coming to grips with the fact that the leaves are really and truly done being pretty, and now we have four long months of bleak winter landscape to look at. 435 more words


Cider Season

Cider has a past going back to Colonial times. Recently hard cider has taken the United States by storm.  Sales have increased in the United States about 80% in the last couple of years. 444 more words

Long Island

Cider Cocktails!

Soooo as you know, I was a tad disappointed by the cider cocktail that we had at Lucky on Monday. Luckily, my brilliant sister and business partner had an idea: let’s make our own! 244 more words