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Organized Crime Benefits From Regulations

I think we can all agree on the fact that prohibition of alcohol was a huge help to organized crime (and the Kennedys) in the 1920s. 355 more words


SRC Scheduled To Make Announcement Friday About Future Of Cash-Strapped School District

By Jan Carabeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Now less than a month away from the start of school in Philadelphia, the School Reform Commission and Superintendent William Hite are scheduled to make an announcement Friday about the future of the cash-strapped school district. 567 more words


Phila. School District Superintendent Says Without New Money, Layoffs Could Happen This Week

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A key state lawmaker says he’s “committed” to getting the cigarette tax passed to fund Philadelphia schools. But the superintendent says that doesn’t guarantee that classes will begin on time. 144 more words


Nutter Furious Over Lack Of School Funding

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Mayor Nutter is fuming over the suggestion of state House leaders that the Governor could simply advance the school district money in order to open on time. 135 more words


Opponent To Failed Cigarette Tax: 'Smokers Are Just Going To Go Right Outside The City Borders'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano spoke with Nathan Benefield from the Commonwealth Foundation about the organization’s opposition to a cigarette tax in Philadelphia to help fund city schools. 355 more words

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Corbett Heads Harrisburg Talks Over Cigarette Tax School Funding

By Larry Kane

HARRISBURG (CBS) — There is a political showdown in Harrisburg today, but its an all-Republican get together. Philadelphia school leaders are threatening layoffs and cutbacks unless they can balance their budget by August 15th with a hefty increase in the city’s cigarette tax. 108 more words


Growing Outrage Over Stalled Cigarette Tax Meant To Help Philadelphia Schools

By Matt Rivers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was another setback for Philadelphia schools Thursday and another protest Friday outside Governor Tom Corbett’s office in Philadelphia. 291 more words