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A resolution is a solution for a failed-solution

I feel like it’s a perfect moment to start making this New Year’s Resolution list, or should I say fool myself like everybody else with diet and fitness goals that I don’t really want to achieve? 457 more words


Its official...

I am quitting cigarettes.

I guess I’ll have to find something to replace that in the title of my blog….hmmmm

Any suggestions? Maybe colors?…I do not know. 6 more words

Winter Wonder

Last night (even though I know I should not) I had a cigarette.  I sat on my front porch, and three houses down, I could see a small tree covered in Christmas lights.  134 more words



addictions cause problems,  then make you believe that the problems can be solved by feeding the addiction


Eating More Hummus Could Help Put An End To Cigarettes

Need to justify your hummus addiction? Just explain that you’re saving lives.

As cigarette sales continue to decline, some farmers have started to grow chickpeas instead of tobacco plants. 115 more words

The Angel of Life, Death, and the Will to Live

The Angel of Life, Death, and the Will to Live

He swung the rope again, aiming at the high barn rafters and again fell short. He took another swig from the plastic gallon jug and the fiery liquid burned on the way down. 1,460 more words