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Morning Mundane Madness-Mundane file 2

“Hey, do you have any cigarettes?” he nudged me and asked as we sat in the classroom. “Yea, but it’s in my room,” I replied. “Alright, after class then,” he said.

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The #Benaki Museum || #Exhibition: Καπνός | Tobacco 101 notes on oriental tobacco || until 31.08.2014 #Athens

The exhibition «ΚΑΠΝΟΣ | TOBACCO» views oriental tobacco from a variety of historical perspectives and presents it as a multifaceted commercial product. From the needles used in the stringing of the leaves, the spiking process in the villages, the ‘tonga’ process for bundling tobacco leaves and the wooden chests used in commercial processing, to the imposing tobacco warehouses of northern Greece and the intricately made cigarette cases and packs in Athens and Thessaloniki, the exhibition presents the history of tobacco and, through it, an important part of the history of Greece.  50 more words


4 days down and still going strong (kinda)

Hey, good news, I’m four days off cigarettes now and not after caving to the cravings yet, its not easy going and for some reason last night was tougher than the others before but I stuck in there. 210 more words


me and july 30. 2014

self-harm triggers. back off if necessary. 

so i met with the law firm on monday regarding my benefits. the lady filed an appeal for me and said it could take anywhere from 3-5 months to hear back. 584 more words


Smoked! Tobacco tax law cost U.S. billions in revenue

A 2009 law that raised federal taxes to discourage smoking cost the U.S. government billions of dollars in lost revenue as manufacturers relabeled products and consumers shifted to cheaper pipe tobacco and large cigars, the U.S. 408 more words