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The Cheap Kind of Wine

watching over myself i peered through these bars,
saw myself as the bottle, saw her as the glass.

was a cheap kind of wine, i watched myself pour, 24 more words

Cigarettes and Smoke Rings

He has cigarette smiles
with reptilian eyes that
appear to take everything in
and a desire to devour.

He inhales you
and you are caught there… 130 more words


Congratulations, I'm a Second Hand Smoker

Yup. Quit smoking. Last cigarette was 29 days, 21 hours, 33 minutes and 35,36,37,38 seconds ago.

I know the preferred term is “non smoker” but that sounds too much like “reformed smoker” to me, and I think reformed smokers are, how can I delicately put this, assholes. 831 more words


"Cancer Stick Irony"

“Sealing my doom with,
each cancer stick consumed.
Incredible they even exist,
Sole owners of of a $10 conquest.”



How Big Tobacco Went To War With A Tiny Country | ThinkProgress

The small South American nation of Uruguay might be forced to pay a heavy price for trying to curb smoking and avert a public health disaster. 124 more words

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