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Ciggies Electronic Cigarettes; Safety is Important

Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company cares about their consumers. In response to the newest media trends plastering the news about some risks and dangers the use of e-cigs may pose we, Ciggies, would like to address the issue. 324 more words

What is Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company all about?

Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company specializes in the wholesale market of electronic cigarettes. Ciggies provides inventory for retail stores across the country. Many different types of stores are now participating in the sale of e-cigs such as salons, bars, and grocery stores. 208 more words

Ciggies Electronic Cigarettes; 3 Months Plus Smoke Free

Adam Frankel sits at his workplace cubical and puffs of vapor are frequently seen rising into the air. From first glance it may appear that he is smoking but as we all know smoking has been banned in so many public places this is highly unlikely. 238 more words

Ciggies Electronic Cigarettes; "Smoking Hot"

Ciggies Electronic Cigarette Company has proven to be a very successful business.  While the business was expected to grow quickly, not many anticipated the electronic cigarette industry to “light up” in the way that it has so quickly.  217 more words

Ciggies Electronic Cigarettes; Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

The now well known electronic cigarette resembles the traditional tobacco cigarette in many ways. Most manufacturers are replicating the look of a tobacco cigarette, advertisements are being done almost exactly how cigarette companies made their commercials for television, and the act of “vaping” simulates the act of “smoking” maintaining the same physical habits. 250 more words

Satisfying Cravings

Waiting for everyone to go to sleep,
waiting till all is dark and quiet.
Pull out a brand new box and pack it -
all shiny in its plastic wrapping, 28 more words


Ciggies Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale Prices Generate Satisfaction

The electronic cigarette business, Ciggies, is in a position to make tremendous growth and the business is still in its early stages. The president of the company attributes the success to the growing demand for electronic cigarettes and accessories. 230 more words