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We need to talk about 'How to get a Council House'...

There are a couple of things I know about myself. One is that, for me, working in the housing profession is frustrating and increasingly challenging. Second is that spending my formative years growing up in a council house on a sprawling council estate wasn’t frustrating or challenging. 649 more words


I'm a CIH & Inside Housing Rising Stars 2014 finalist :)

So my first blog post is more of an announcement… I’m in the final of this year’s Chartered Institute of Housing & Inside Housing Rising Stars competition!! 983 more words


Welcome to my new blog :)

Hello and welcome to my new blog :)

I’ve blogged previously on my organisation’s intranet site and I’ve copied my old blogs over to this site. 150 more words

4 assignments down, 2 to go! (April 2013)

So I’ve just completed the second module of my current CIH course (only one module left!), and I thought I’d share some of my key learning points from this module: Housing and customer relationship management… 1,193 more words

What I've been reading this week (February 2013)

As I’ve said before, I like to keep a keen eye on the housing news (the daily 60 second housing news bulletin is a great way to do this, sign up… 139 more words

Keeping up to speed with CIH (January 2013)

Since September, I have (yet again) been studying, this time for a University Certificate Professional Development in Housing Studies through the Chartered Institute of Housing and De Montfort University. 800 more words

Herêma ku li Jinan qedexe ye

Herêma ku li Jinan qedexe ye:

Herêmek li bakurê Yewnanistanê ye, li çiyayê Athos’e û bi çiyayê pîroz jî tê nas kirin. Herêm bi awayekî xweser, ji Yewnanîstanê cûda, xwe birêve dibe. 178 more words