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Visiting the Library - Downtown Branch

Today I woke up early due to the barking of one very upset dog who did not appreciate the weather this morning. So at 8:11 this morning I went downstairs and found that I was unable to fall back asleep so I wound up staying up. 337 more words

Family Life <3

Wow!  Charlotte feels the love.  She has had so many fun family visits in the past 8 weeks (8 weeks?!) that it is hard to keep track.   457 more words


Summer Internship

This summer, I was given the opportunity to work as an intern at the Alice F. and Harris K Weston Art Gallery. This internship gave me an amazing amount of experience working from the curatorial side of art. 148 more words

Weston Art Gallery

Smoking Monkey

This is my smoking monkey. My spirit animal. He greets me at my desk every morning, ready to get after it. We understand each other without speaking. 126 more words

Decorators Wall Paper Co. Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

I think I came across this ghost sign for Decorators Wall Paper Co. while rooting around the Brighton neighborhood of Cincinnati one day. Who can remember? 26 more words

Urban Life

The Grand Adventure Home!

I’m a big fan of naming every single event that I happen to experience in my life. I think it started with my study-abroad travels where I labeled every journey I went on.  608 more words

My First 5k

I clicked the button. I’m officially registered. What the hell was I thinking?! Welp, the money has been paid. Come hell, high water, or 3.1 miles of mostly walking, I’m finishing the damn thing. Let’s go!