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An Apple A Day

Ever sit and just think of ideas and projects that you want to accomplish. That feeling of super excitement, which you just have to tell someone because of course it’s the best idea ever?! 345 more words



I discovered wordpress while working on assignment for a public television station. I was instructed to use Drupal. Couldnt even come close to figuring it out. 708 more words


August 22-24 End of Summer Events

Summer draws to a close and Fall seems to creep in. The kids are going back to school, you’re commute is lengthened behind busses and through school zones, the weather gets a little chillier, and you’re just waiting around for the WEBN fireworks Labor Day Weekend to officially end the summer season in Cincinnati. 401 more words


Steve is bipolar so this is how his mind works ...

Steve was trying to understand his wordpress account. He had posts and pages to draw from. He needed a new one though. A new content block. 409 more words


New Brewery Coming To West Chester

Ahhhh… Nano breweries.  They may not be the pride and joy of a region like some bigger breweries, but they are designed to serve their communities, making them a favorite for locals. 87 more words


Puttin' miles on my car.

One of my best friends is from New York, so the times that I have seen her since she graduated from college has been…let’s see, add the denominator, divide by 4, round the fraction….a total of 3 times. 134 more words