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Fairytale Series: Cinderella {Ruckersville Senior Photographer}

Apparently I can find time for these mini styled¬†Princess sessions in the spring. Last year about the same time was Sleeping Beauty and this year it’s Cinderella. 117 more words


Thoughts on Motivation

So recently the movie A Cinderella Story¬†starring Hilary Duff, and this one phrase has stuck in my head and laughs at all of my failures to actually follow through with almost every attempt at talking to an attractive person that I’ve just met. 634 more words



Stepmother. Even the name somehow sounds cold and insensitive.

Perhaps, this association is due to the cultural stereotype that has been forced down all of our throats since we were children: that all stepmothers are wicked, power-hungry women. 619 more words


Cinderella's Work Ethic

Having good work ethic is defined as being diligent and placing value in hard work and in doing a good job. It may also be defined as the belief that hard work enhances character. 393 more words


What can be Learned from the Characters of the Stepsisters from Cinderella

Some of the most important morals taught in fairy tales and similar stories can come from the antagonists of the story. In the story of Cinderella, the antagonists are her mean stepmother and stepsisters, who exhibit many negative characteristics like greed, pompousness, and meanness. 369 more words