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10 Disney Movies With Horrific Origins

As many people know by now, some of Disney’s much loved animated musicals, beloved and enjoyed by so many happy little children for the past eighty years, have truly horrific origins involving rape, cannibalism, torture and other very nasty happenings. 3,495 more words

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NEW WORK! BrightStarCarriages.biz

Bright Star Carriages, LLC, is a top-notch company providing carriage rides for people in Bricktown, Oklahoma City, as well as for weddings, parties and other events. 22 more words

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Marissa Meyer's Cinder Reviewed - Fabulous Fresh Story on an Familiar Fairy Tale

Marissa Meyer rides a tight wave between creating something completely new and fresh whilst acknowledging a well known fairy tale. She rides the crest with panache and perfectly bringing home the story which is loosely based on Cinderella. 817 more words

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I Fell in Love with the Ballet this Summer

Loving the ballet was something I never thought would happen. I had nothing against it, just never was my thing.

My only encounter with the ballet before was when I was 11 or 12 years old. 357 more words


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on my previous blog i said that “I am not your typical 19-year-old girl” but news flash, i’m still a girl; and just like the others i am dreaming of a celebrity-like-walk-in-closets too. 265 more words

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Every time I see you,

Your eyes light up anew,

Such a beautiful woman,

Wearing such a beautiful shoe, 17 more words


New Blog Name!

And another “Happy Tuesday!” to everyone out there :) I hope you’re all having a great day, whether you’re stuck at work, (like I am) enjoying the gorgeous weather outside, or for those of you lucky enough to be having a lazy day in your air conditioned homes, watching television, and eating ice cream on this very summery day! 215 more words