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The things I do for love

For instance, to watch The Hobbit BOFA dubbed and miss a good part of Richard Armitage’s performance. But hubby has beared stoically during all the years that we are together a Turandot, a representation of Othello in English, Coen brothers and Steve McQueen’s films, some chapters of “The Big Bang Theory” and last but not least Interstellar. 36 more words

Richard Armitage

New Releases for 12/19/14

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb- IMDB Rating 7.1 I’m somewhat curious about this one. I enjoyed the original movie. It had a good message which supported education of history. 224 more words



Occasionally, the content of a film slips through the barrier between the cinematic world and reality and begins to affect events and decisions in the non fictitious narrative of current affairs. 1,412 more words



Let us address this in the first line – Primer is a difficult film. It is both difficult to understand and difficult to love. People who have seen it will tell you of the relentlessly inaccessible nature of the plot, the dense script composed largely of theoretical physics terminology and the lack of answers to any questions you may have by the end of the film. 386 more words


The Grandmaster

After forging an illustrious career largely residing on the outskirts of mainstream film making, Wong Kar Wai’s latest film, The Grandmaster, presents a strong case for his recognition as one of modern cinema’s most renowned auteurs. 767 more words


2001 - A Space Odyssey

At this point, so much has been written about Kubrick’s masterpiece, that writing this article feels the equivalent to shouting my opinion into the endless black void which the film depicts with such expanse. 869 more words



To capture the creative process on film is an almost impossible task. In a medium which thrives on the editing of footage and highlighting the progression of time, to fully recreate every moment of inspiration or brief spark of creativity which forms an album, a painting or any work of art, is a fruitless task. 742 more words