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Jorge Luis Borges ... on the epic tradition and cinema ...

– Jorge Luis Borges, from an interview, Paris Review …
“During century, as I say, the epic tradition has been saved for the world by, of all places, Hollywood. 137 more words


The greatest drug films: MORE (1969)

More, 1969, directed by Barbet Schroeder, cinematography by Nestor Almendros, Soundtrack by Pink Floyd

Isn’t this film exactly what heroin is like? Like washing up on a magical island in 1969 and living in a villa on the sea where you have group sex with hot European models on smack, drop LSD, and listen to the some of the best music Pink Floyd ever made, then lay out in the sun like a lizard and embrace the beautiful nihilism of a fantasy world where it’s better to set the controls for the heart of the sun than to fade away? 260 more words


Concluding Thoughts on Gilles Deleuze

Throughout both Cinema 1 and Cinema 2, Deleuze provides us with a way of looking at and thinking about cinema that is intricately linked not with the way we try not to think that we would think (as psychoanalysis) would have it,but is rather linked directly with the way in which we are, on a metaphysical level. 208 more words


Lunedì 14 aprile, ho avuto l’occasione di vedere in anteprima il nuovo film di Johnny Depp “Transcendence”.

Il film tratta del dottor Will Caster (Johnny Depp) , il più importante ricercatore nel campo dell’intelligenza artificiale che lavora per creare una macchina che combini l’intelligenza collettiva di tutto quello che è conosciuto con l’intera gamma delle emozioni umane, viene assassinato da terroristi anti-tecnologici. 175 more words

Johnny Depp

Na Neblina

Zero Hora - Segundo Caderno | Pág. 3 - Clipado em 17/04/2014 03:04:35


Capitão América – O Soldado Invernal | Crítica

Anos-luz à frente do antecessor, “Capitão América – O Soldado Invernal” representa um novo arco de filmes da Marvel Studios. Não que o primeiro tenha sido um mal filme. 747 more words


Khi người ta không nói

“Ở với nhau 14 năm, mà giờ anh ta không thể nói xin em hãy ở lại.”

Có rất nhiều lý do khiến người ta thích bộ phim… 495 more words