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Hollywood’s First Outdoor Talkie Western

On the 20th of January 1929, the movie In Old Arizona was released on the wide cinema screen. This American Western directed by Irving Cummings and Raoul Walsh prides itself in being the first major feature film to use the new technology of sound whilst being filmed in outdoor locations. 915 more words


Pride, prejudice and Theory of Everything come to DLC

The February screenings arranged by the Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign includes some old (very old) favourites, terrific examples of British film-making, as well as potential Oscar winners. 1,236 more words


BABY - Bollywood movie - My thoughts

Akshay Kumar brings out his best in this gritty thriller that restrains itself from becoming overtly jingoistic…

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t quite impressed with the title of the movie when it was announced.

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Ghost In the Shell terá versão live-action e Scarlett Johansson será Motoko

Despois de mostrar seu veneno como Viúva Negra e arrebentar tudo com Lucy, Scarlett Johansson dará vida a Motoko Kusanagi, a major, ciborgue ex-militar, líder do esquadrão governamental do Japão que combate crimes cibernéticos. 144 more words


13. Where does this passion for English language come from?

It’s commonplace to say that English language and American culture have influenced most of the Western Civilization for the past decades. It’s also no surprise that after the term ‘Globalization’ became a buzzword, almost the whole world’s population was affected by this ‘Americanization’ thing; however, I’m not gonna delve into this issue here. 402 more words


16 Vintage Movie Theatre Etiquette Posters from 1912

The Library of Congress has a fascinating series of vintage movie theatre “etiquette” posters from 1912. At the time, films were silent as movies with sound didn’t become prevalent until the late 1920s. 109 more words