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Christmas in the Summer

I thought about saving this topic for the Production Update, but I decided to do a post on it since I haven’t seen or read anything recently to review. 249 more words


Awesome Office Intro

This is just a short intro I put together for a segment we’re producing here. The client titled the segment “Awesome Offices,” not my idea, but I wanted to incorporate a cityscape look with some modern technology overlays. 72 more words

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My Work

This is a character I created using Cinema 4D


These are icons I created for a clients pharmaceutical companies trivia section of their website.


This is a pixel illustration of the character Gir from Invader Zim. 43 more words

About Myself

Getting caught in daily problems, having to deal with difficulties at work, school, family matters, or personal shit, usually is the biggest excuse to not do anything creative, something that make you feel more accomplished. 621 more words


Robot arm part 5

I have found out an easier way on how to animate on cinema 4d by using a tool called ‘User Data’ that allows you to attach parts of your model and gives you a slider so you don’t need to change the coordinates of your pieces.

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Robot arm finished model

This is the finished version of my robot arm. All I need to do now is animate it.

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Metaball virus

This is a quick animation I made in Cinema 4D using metaball, cloners, dynamics and procedural textures. I wanted to play around with a dynamic simulation and metaball to see how it would react, and if it would join properly. 63 more words

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