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Robot arm part 5

I have found out an easier way on how to animate on cinema 4d by using a tool called ‘User Data’ that allows you to attach parts of your model and gives you a slider so you don’t need to change the coordinates of your pieces.

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Robot arm finished model

This is the finished version of my robot arm. All I need to do now is animate it.

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Metaball virus

This is a quick animation I made in Cinema 4D using metaball, cloners, dynamics and procedural textures. I wanted to play around with a dynamic simulation and metaball to see how it would react, and if it would join properly. 63 more words

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Robot arm part 4

I decided to change the angle of most of the arm to a straight line, it just makes the process a lot easier than putting everything on a 45 degrees angle and I wish I did this from the beginning of the project. 208 more words

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Awesome Sauce Lable WIP

Awesome Sauce CONCEPT ART

STORY: My brother David and I were thinking of some ideas to go viral…I thought to blow the dust off of the whole “Alien Cyborgs Is Awesome” thing. 251 more words


Robot arm part 3

I have now started to make the base of the hand by aking 3 plates that are all bigger than the last.

I also used another extruded NURB on a rectangle and used a symmetry to create the pincer/claw of the hand. 21 more words

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Fluorescent Lights

This was just a quick render playing around with modeling a fluorescent light, and adding it to a cloner with some dynamics. I wanted to play around with how it would light a room with only GI, and a physical camera to the scene for a little DOF. 23 more words

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