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National Gallery (2014)

National Gallery / Frederick Wiseman / 2014 / 

Active Ingredients: Opening montage; Nuanced insight about art
Side Effects: Abrupt transitions; Prevalence of long setpieces

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Lecture Notes V

Direct Cinema, Cinema Verite

Bill Nichols: Different Documentary Types:


-Direct adress

-“Window to the World”

-TV nature docus, etc.




-emotional not factual… 113 more words

Lecture Notes

Dust, rockets and gibberish - Abboré on "Interstellar"

On the evening of the 20th I bowed under the weight of popular opinion and submitted to seeing Mr Nolan’s latest high-budget bonanza.

As usual, I entered the theatre with high expectations and low company. 455 more words


Documentary films and "The Ugly Truth"

Monday we talked about documentary types and I also studied that last year at Middlesex University, so I had some knowledge already. Observational documentary which has connections with Russian… 239 more words

Film History Memory MS5203

Cinema Verite: I'm Only a Bill ... Um ... Executive Order

From those wits at SNL:

(The only error I see is that the skit doesn’t mention that we ALREADY have Immigration Law, passed by Congress and signed by a President.)


Stars Hollow

Here’s the dark secret in Gilmore Girls that no one ever talks about: Stars Hollow lies in the grip of a shadowy fertility cabal that rules the lives of its denizens — and even their folk elsewhere — with terrible certainty. 239 more words

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