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Is there really a lack of originality these days?

In a year which seems to be packed to the hilt with sequels or remakes, you often see and hear people bemoan the lack of originality these days. 380 more words


Out of the Machine, God?

Amid all the bombast of superhero blockbusters and science fiction franchises starting with “Star”, it hasn’t been easy for thoughtful science fiction and fantasy to leave a mark in recent years. 727 more words


A Teoria de Tudo

The Theory of Everything (2014 – EUA) 

Um dos mais cotados postulantes ao Oscar 2015, a nova cinebiografia do físico Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) busca os limites do piegas melodramático. 222 more words


White Hell

(1930, US, 100 min, b/w) Dir William Z Dolman. Cast Henry Lensing, Piper Pitt, Tom Claus.

Two fisted ice-bound thriller. A heavily moustached Tom Claus is underhanded seal baron Ogdon Bush, a man content to lord over his own personal fiefdom in the frozen wastes of Alaska until rogue philanthropist Lou Seward – quietly played by the ice eyed Lensing – drags his wind lashed carcass into Bush’s town. 143 more words


Movies That Inspire: “Boomerang” - Living In A World Where Jacqueline’s and Angela’s Can Prosper

“Boomerang” is one of my favorite movies; besides the bomb soundtrack that accurately captures a moment in time and still sounds amazing twenty-three years later, the film showed black professionals in my favorite city looking to elevate themselves at work and in love. 724 more words



Spoilers. Everyone knows about spoilers, you’re enjoying a new series and you’re only part way through because you never got round to it before now or you had enough of being told by your friends that it’s amazing and it’s going to change your life. 507 more words