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Uff, Bollywood!

Hi everyone! :)

Today I’ve decided to dedicate a post to Bollywood fans, far and wide. If you do not know, I am a big fan of Indian cinema and an even bigger fan of Shah Rukh Khan. 554 more words


Water For Elephants

Yesterday we watched the movie WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. The novelist Sara Gruen often writes stories with focus on animals. This time the elephant Rosy is the amusing hero: he kills the bad, cruel director (Christoph Waltz) of the circus “Benzini Brothers” and helps that the love affair between a young vet (Robert Pattinson) and the female star (Reese Witherspoon) of the circus has a happy end. 26 more words

Just Getting Started, Why Cinema is Important to Me.

Hello, my name is Cameron. I am a high school senior and honestly there is not much more that you need to know about me. To paraphrase Holden Caulfield, I could go into all that “David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth.  889 more words



Last night I took to the cinema to see the recently released action movie “Lucy”. I was well aware of the glaring falsity that made up the premise of the plot–the… 180 more words


Camden Backyard Cinema Premiere

By Caroline Madjar.

The best bit about the summer is to be able to do all the things we love to do, but not necessarily indoors, nor under the rain. 420 more words


Thing to do: Spanish thriller and horror cinema cycle

Until the end of month, sala Berlanga is hosting a cycle of Spanish thriller and horror cinema.

Alejandro Amenabar, Balagueró, Cazas, Cerdá, Cortés, Dorado, Fresnadillo, Plaz or Jacinto Molina between others, are great Spanish directors in this movie genre. 85 more words

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