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Why I Hate Going to the Cinema...

I understand the appeal, don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere, the excitement, seeing a film before anyone else, Blah blah blah. But there are just so many irritating things you have to endure when you choose to go to the cinema. 433 more words

About sleepless nights, humidity and mosquitoes

We are having a weird summer in Rome, after a period of not very hot days, now it seems that we are in Macondo, the city protagonist of Gabriel García-Marquez novels. 543 more words


Movie Moments

Over the course of my life, especially in recent years, I have watched a lot of movies. Not in the sense that I’ve seen most of the films that have ever been produced, I mean that I’ve been watching more movies than I ever did before. 502 more words

The Phone that Saves

Inspired by the powers of the new ASUS ZenFone, I have taken over the responsibility to transform my little mobile phone into something like a superhero in a world which needs a lot of saving, from the bad movies which are released in this world. 749 more words