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Do You Know Which Is The Most Northern Place? Filmmaker Anrick Bregman Has the Answer. And It's Interactive (Part 1)

There is no doubt that digital media is pushing the boundaries of filmmaking. When it comes to documentaries, web docs leave linear narratives behind and allow viewers to experience a more engaging connection with the story portrayed. 681 more words


Movie credits could use a spoiler alert

I’ve grumbled before about the surfeit of useless information once closing credits roll up the big screen.

Believe it or not, my evening’s enjoyment is not enhanced one iota by knowing whom the unit accountants or standby plasterers were. 155 more words


Naima Akef (1955) نعيمة عاكف

This is Naima Akef dancing in another scene from the 1955 Egyptian film ‘Bahr al Gharam’ (Sea of Love بحر الغرام) in which she starred along with Youssef Wehbi (shown in the tuxedo clapping) and Rushdi Abaza (in the audience looking grumpy). 9 more words

Belly Dance


The hour is late, the moon is is waxing, and the things which go bump in the night are crawling out into the nights air…which means it’s nearly last orders at the bar. 98 more words


Bolshoi Ballet Test 20th Oct

A reminder that there is a Test for this broadcast happening this morning. It will be from 0900GMT/1000BST-UK/1100CEST-W.Europe.

Feeds on IS-1002, IS-905 and also E5Wa. 11 more words


Samia Gamal (1951) سامية جمال

Samia Gamal is the dancer in this clip from the 1951 Egyptian romantic comedy ‘Taal salem’ (Say Hello تعال سلم).
Farid al Atrache plays Meshmesh, a poor singer who works as a waiter in a nightclub while waiting for his chance at the big time. 56 more words

Belly Dance

The Phantom Lady & 1,000 Cillian Murphy Movies

1,000 Cillian Murphy Movies

The Cinemobession has returned after a short tea break.

In order of how I feel like doing it & not in order of magnificentnesss we have the 7th movie! 386 more words