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Review of Cult: LifeForce (1985)

Vampires have been portrayed countless different ways in film. From night club hopping, ecstasy fuelled beasts, to former African princes being turned in to vampires. Even regrettably, ones that sparkled in the day light. 654 more words


Galleons of the Guardaxy

OK, we know we’re not timely with this post, but we seldom are, so it’s no big deal.  You’ve probably heard that Guardians of the Galaxy… 303 more words


Films About Women 15

1 My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady, the musical based on Pygmalion, stars Audrey Hepburn in a role originally written for Julie Andrews. At the time, it was common to cast actors and actresses and later dub their voices with singers, or rather more specifically, Marni Nixon. 801 more words

Beyond Hollywood: French Cinema

Amélie (2001)

It is rare to see a foreign film being played at a local cinema let alone an advertisement for said film. In my personal experience, even within the 20 minutes worth of advertisements before a movie begins, I have not seen one full-length trailer of a foreign film through all my years of going to the cinema. 393 more words

Uni Work

Crossover Cinema - What Are We Talking About.

I feel that the most obvious question that needs addressing when talking about ‘crossover cinema’ is; what is it?

Part 1 of Khorana’s (2013) “Producing a Hybrid Gramma” aptly and comprehensively makes this distinction. 404 more words

'Drive' Film Review

Drive is a beautiful film by Nicolas Winding Refn (Gore? Check), starring Ryan Gosling (future Oscar winner? Check) as an anonymous getaway driver, until a Carey Mulligan-shaped spanner is thrown into the works. 38 more words