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Tvåhundranio: Såsom i en spegel (Through a Glass Darkly)

“You’re empty but capable. And now you’re trying to fill your void with Karin’s extinction. But how will God fit into that? It must make him more inscrutable than ever!” -Marin… 1,032 more words

The Criterion Collection

Daily Film Beauty: District B13

District B13: Manuel Teran (cinematographer) & Pierre Morel (director). 16 more words



Peter Tscherkassky, L’Arrivée1997/8, 2 min 09 sec, 35 mm/Cinema Scope

Tscherkassky hystericalises the images. He allows them to lose their certainty, crosses soundtrack with perforation strip, changes positive to negative, slits the material open.

30 more words


This week we will be focusing on cinematic images and the way digital media allows us to both manipulate them and analyze them more than ever before. 524 more words

Multimedia Examples

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel
What it’s up for: Best Picture, Cinematography, Costume Design, Director, Film Editing, Makeup, Score, Production Design, Original Screenplay… 596 more words

Best Picture


A short story on picking yourself up when you’re down.