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Sunday Brunch: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls!

When I was little, cinnamon rolls always used to be a special treat. We’d pick some up from Cinnabon at a rest stop on the way back from some family vacation and take them home to heat up in the morning.  404 more words


Day 199/365 - Sugar Overload

I couldn’t resist myself today.  I walked past the Cinnabon store at Union station, smelled the wonderful fresh-baked cinnamon aroma, and just had to get myself this warm and gooey bun. 167 more words

365 Project

Taco Bell's Cinnabon Delights

I was going to lead this off with some lyrics from The Doors “The End,” but that seems a little hacky, right? I’m glad I held off. 332 more words

Suck It Out or Waft It In: The Careful Balance of Scent Marketing for Various Retail Designs

Cinnabon and Panera want more. Lush Fresh Homemade Cosmetics want less. And Starbucks wants only a particular kind. In this case, we’re talking about scents, a key element of the retail atmosphere and a significant influence on consumers’ intentions, behaviors, and purchase decisions. 425 more words

Chapter 17: Retailing And Multichannel Marketing

Cinnamon buns like Cinnabon

Recently it was my sister’s birthday party and so she was having a couple of her friends over and asked me to bake for her and since she loves Cinnabon I decided to bake these for her. 806 more words


Sinner-Bons - A Decadent Delight

When I came across this recipe, which claimed to replicate the famous and delicious Cinnabons, I knew I had to try it. There is not a member of my family who would not happily trade another member for a Cinnabon, so being able to make them at home would definitely be a winner. 827 more words

Other Sweet Treats

On the topic of iced coffee

So I, like a lot of college students, live of off some form of coffee or another durning finals. So much so that when I come back home during breaks and actually have to dip into my real life money that I try not to. 60 more words