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Cardinal Coccopalmerio who wants sacrilegious Communion also wants easy-annulments!

Top Vatican cardinal wants streamlined annulments!

Breaking with tradition, the Vatican decided to withhold printed summaries of bishops’ remarks to the synod in a bid to encourage freer debate.  590 more words

Catholic College Decides to Cover Abortions in Healthcare Plan! Pay to Murder Unborn Children!

University announces it will comply with new state regulation!

Outrage!! Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is complying with a State of California mandate to include abortion in the medical services its insurance policy covers, … 155 more words

Gay Group Under Own Banner to March in NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade!!

Unbelievable! The statement said the parade was “remaining loyal to church teachings?!!” Cardinal ‘Bravo’ Dolan who is to be next year’s grand marshal, issued a statement Wednesday saying the parade committee “continues to have my confidence and support!?!” Haereticus ‘Bravo’ Dolan said “Neither my predecessors as Archbishop of New York nor I,  have ever determined who would or would not march in this parade … but have always appreciated the cooperation of parade organizers in keeping the parade close to its Catholic heritage?!!, ‘Who am I to judge’ Dolan said! 671 more words