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Performance - understand, master and succeed!

Performance in an IT organization starts with people and leadership, and requires cognitive analysis rather than a logical thinking (current view) – to drive change, analysis, engagement – and success!” 927 more words

Agile Performance Management

What should the audit committee focus on in 2015?

Every year, the audit firms provide audit committees with their ideas of what the agenda should include in the coming year. Their ideas are usually good, although typically (and understandably) focus on matters of interest to the audit firms. 371 more words


Newborn Sleep CAN Happen: How I helped my daughter learn to self-soothe.

Some babies respond just fine to rocking or nursing to sleep. Then there are the babies that you help into a floppy, blissful state of sleep and set them down ever so carefully only to have them WAKE UP the second their little bodies touch their bed, leaving you in frustrated tears. 1,269 more words


Does the enterprise marketplace really need a new email solution?

This week, Amazon announced their WorkMail solution as a business-class email and calendaring solution in the cloud. Over the past several years, Amazon has produced some amazing solutions. 672 more words


Time’s up! Changing core IT principles

There is a theme gaining ground within IT organizations. In truth, there are a number of examples that support a common theme coming up for IT organizations. 653 more words


Dell unveils its latest KACE management, workstation products

One tends to forget how far how Dell’s reach extends. It not only offers the servers and PCs that are top of mind for most customers, its multiple product groups provide everything from management products to workstations. 451 more words