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How websites are learning to make the most of mobile

If you ever wondered how mobile-centric the world is becoming, just take a look at the Adobe Digital Index (ADI) State of Mobile Benchmark Report. A combination of several pieces of research, including analysis of website traffic on sites running in Adobe’s marketing cloud, behavioural data, and app usage, during the month of June 2014, reveals some unexpected insights into mobility. 565 more words


Another Year in the Books, Another Strong Year for LAGERS Portfolio

As we prepare to present LAGERS’ fiscal year-end portfolio returns at the 3rd Quarter Board Meeting, I thought I’d give our blog readers a sneak peek. 319 more words


Controlled Crying; Is It Really So Awful?

Controlled crying. Not to be confused with “cry it out”, where you put your baby down to bed and leave them to cry until they’re asleep, however long it takes. 334 more words

DELL CIO Executive Summit

I’ve been invited and I’m attending the CIO Executive Summit with DELL’s Executive Leadership Team on Wednesday September 17, 2014 in Brussels. It’s an opportunity to meet and network with my peers and IT leaders.  It also provide the opportunities to discuss challenges with Dell executives and where they see DELL help us with those. 256 more words


CIOs ill equipped to manage the growing security threats

Originally posted @ Gigaom Research 9/7/2014

http://research.gigaom.com/2014/09/cios-ill-equip…curity-threats/ ‎

Security, or Information Security (InfoSec) as the more formal term, is going through a period of massive change. 776 more words


Nokia Lumia 635 review: Great value if you can live without selfies

Nokia’s first phone featuring the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is undeniably a budget model. Both Rogers and Telus are currently offering it for $200 with no contract, and it’s free if you sign up for two years; Bell doesn’t carry it. 664 more words

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CMOs and CIOs Increasingly See Eye to Eye

For the past four years, Accenture has conducted an annual survey of chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) to understand the state of their collaboration. 59 more words

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