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Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue Review

Hello cuties! How are you?!
It feels good to finally be posting on my blog again haha! I have been so so busy lately, it’s annoying! 315 more words


GEOLICA Euro Series - First Thoughts & Demo

I hope you guys enjoy this short review and demo of GEOLICA Lenses! Halloween is coming up, so don’t forget to chek out Uniqso special offers for some creepy looking lenses! 117 more words


PinkyParadise.com (Vassen Cloud 9 Pink) circle lens Review

I’d like to start by saying I’ve gone through a few pink circle lenses and I am truly glad I foundPinkyParadise.com! They have a beautiful selection of contacts to choose from, among which I finally found the right ones for my cosplay (Yuno Gasai from: Mirai Nikki Future Diary). 453 more words


SUPERTRASH winter ~ School Life = Tiring ಠ_ಠ

Today I want to share some of my coords I did this week!
The weather is super disturbing, because now it’s too cold, then it’s too hot, and I don’t know what jacket to wear! 351 more words


Lens Review: Twilight Yellow

  • Purchased from: LensVillage
  • Diameter:  15 mm
  • Water content:  38%
  • Lulu’s rating: 8/10
  • Would I buy these again? Yes

I was looking for special effect lenses for a project when I discovered the harsh truth – they don’t come in prescription. 374 more words

GEO CM901 Berry Cessy Grey Circle Lens Review~ <3

Hey guys~
I’m back with another review on circle lens by Uniqso! (I won’t stop buying from there ahaha (≧∇≦)They seriously give out the best service and the contacts are so cheap!!) 513 more words


All You Need To Know About Circle Lens

Circle lens is a contact lens that can make your iris look bigger, hence giving you an innocent, and doll looking eyes. These lenses come in a range of different colors, patterns and tones. 508 more words

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