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The Circle of Life

When I was in high school, I became fascinated by the idea of reincarnation. I convinced myself that I was an old soul, and that was why it seemed as though I never had much in common with other children my age and instead interacted more with adults. 426 more words

Tale Weaver’S Prompt #25 - The Night Before

A bright light had pulsed in my head when I came here. I had a good feeling about this place right from the beginning. It felt like the beginning of time – like I was born again and granted a life full of opportunities and possibilities. 344 more words

Writing Challenges

Listening to Learn

If we took time, I wonder how much of what we pass every day of our lives,  would we find interesting. If we heard the stories of the people we pass and  the places we go. 536 more words


The Return

Greetings Earthlings I have returned… – is what I imagine Jesus might say upon his what can only be described as literal godlike entrance. Or I suppose re-entrance if you prefer. 810 more words


“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing”

-Marcus Aurelius

“Grasp life by the horns and enjoy the ride”



YES YOU CAN: Start anew

There is always a time for gratitude and new beginnings

- J.R. Moskin

One way we can appreciate life is when a season ends and a new season begins.

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Today's YES YOU CAN!

Song of the Day - It's A Good Life

I heard this song while I was getting ready for my day and after the past few days I needed that uplifting song. I had to take my boyfriend to the ER the other night (he is fine now!) but it has been a rough couple of days taking care of him, we are both ready for his pain to go away, and this song about freedom helps keep us focused on what we are fighting for. 72 more words