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Television shows are not circles (HIMYM Finale vs. The Lion King)

It was legen– wait for it–disappointing.

Seeing The Lion King stage show at the Fox Theater Sunday made me realize what was missing from the How I Met Your Mother finale.   1,004 more words

My things

I recently read a book called 100 Things by Sebastian Terry. Basically this guy decided to write a list of 100 things that he wanted to do before he died and he dedicated his life to completing the list. 259 more words

The Awkward Blog

The fear that stems from love

In the summer of 2009, I was reading New Moon, the second book in the Twilight series. In the epilogue I came across the word, … 615 more words

Inferences From Life


Well I sit here on a quiet Friday morning sipping my coffee getting ready for the end of my work week and a couple of thoughts popped into my head. 697 more words

The Lion and the Lamb.

Since the movie came out when I was two years old, “The Lion King” has been my favorite movie of all time. I still have a stuffed Simba I got when I was three for Christmas and this past Christmas my brother got me a Simba pillowpet. 567 more words


Hey Nila…long time no talk.

Sincere apologies dear. I know we made a commitment to each other on keeping up to date with our multiple-act discourse on what it takes to be a good man but some thing came up. 224 more words


I can already smell my birthday
candles being blown out,
a ravenous inferno licking
at the cheeks of two children
as they teeter at my sides; 161 more words