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You should know that i loathe birthdays... But I love reasons to drink!

Well folks,

I’ve lost time for the “quarter life crisis,” as tomorrow I become the inevitable 24. Yes, you read correctly:


This may seem like nothing to you, but to me it feels like my life has slipped right on by. 370 more words

Everything is Different, But Eerily it is All The Same.

Since I have moved to Tampa, Florida in May of 2011, I have visited North Carolina once a year to see the people that love me most and know me best. 576 more words

From My Mind..

A Mother's Empty Nest

I’ve been a mother for 31 years and it’s been rather apparent for much of that time that these four kids were growing up and moving out but yesterday, my youngest left for college and I realized that I’ve been lying to them, to myself and to the world for the last year. 759 more words


Rain Must Fall

We invited a couple over to our house last weekend. New to Nashville (from California), they were interested in our home group which won’t start for another few weeks. 345 more words

Deep Thoughts

Why I'm glad that Summer is over

It’s the last week of August. That means that school is starting next week for most of Ontario’s students. For most students, summer is great, but after a while, they may start to wish that summer would end soon. 411 more words

Val's Notebook

Wait for it!

my son
is 37 years old!

I was
37 when
I birthed him.

for the
circle of life.

the wheel
down the hill… 11 more words


The Ouroboros

Answer the call

Knock on the door

Go in

Shake hands

Sit down

Drink tea

Eat chipati

Preach love

Hug necks


Ride the bus… 27 more words