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The Rotating Wheel of Existence

“Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.”― Anaïs Nin

Now, I am a big fan of animals. Horses and dogs are my favorite. 288 more words


in a blink

Each child attending the High County Stampede Rodeo Saturday night received a little horse on a key chain. Abby June thinks it’s magic. She holds it so carefully, and talks to it while she eats her lunch. 446 more words


În culori

Într-o noapte de sâmbătă, luptându-mă în buzdugane și pumnale cu insomnia, am decis să înlocuiesc armele astea cu creioane colorate și imensul bloc de desen. Citisem cu ceva timp în urmă despre mandale și efectul lor psihologic și mi-au atras atenția însă nu am avut timp de ele. 259 more words

Mâzgăleli Pe Pânză

The Baddest Cat in the Sky

4 Bowls of Popcorn (eaten out of a leaf or something) 

I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to say that… 397 more words

4 Bowls

Hakuna Matata: Why Unpopularity Shouldn't Be a Worry

Being only three, my recollection of nursery is patchy at best. But one thing I am certain of: I wasn’t popular. It was the 80s and Sydney suburbia so it didn’t take much to be considered socially leftfield. 869 more words


There was a little girl in a big city. Like all little girls her age she went to school in the morning, finished her homework in the afternoon, went for singing lessons and played with her friends in the evening. 463 more words