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Christianity Vs Wicca; Similarities, Differences and Misconceptions


Again we are now 4 days away from our beloved Pagan Pride. Correction PAGAN PRIDE HAS PASSED!. As I have said I have recently acquired a new job wherein we were work with kids, and  the like, which is where I met my good friend Aly. 366 more words


Stone Structures, Mauritania

In South West Mauritania, near Walatah, on and around the rocky hills, stone structures can be found

Located the middle of a desert, it’s hard to judge the age, for sand storms as well as time could be responsible for the obvious erosion the structures have been victim to… 116 more words

Hamster Wheel

Hamster Wheel

Life is an odd sort of hamster wheel –
you have to give money to make money,
have worked to get a job, 113 more words


Closing a Circle

Circle round, now be unbound.
I now dissolve this sacred space,
And send all powers back to place.
Stay if you can, go if you must, 20 more words


The Blessingway

I was honored to have the opportunity to host my first Blessingway in August.  We have all been to a baby shower where the focus is bringing gifts for the new baby.   215 more words