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Workout Wednesday + Bone Broth Success

Hump day hump day make me wanna jump day. Woo! What better way to celebrate the middle of the week than with some yummy eats. If you tuned in yesterday, you read all about my first experience with bone broth. 231 more words


Week 3 of our strength program:

Increase weights where possible



Machinery? System details?

Re-worked parts of my existing follies to explore details of systems and geometry … couldn’t decide whether to have transient or instant mechanisms (hence multiple videos below), also not sure for what purpose yet – probably some kind of filtration . 10 more words


Wow #8

Wow#8 is a total body workout. All you will need is your body and a little determination!

This workout is a circuit meaning we are going from one exercise to the next with minimum rest. 133 more words


Circuit Training!

Today’s circuits in Microsoft are about to get under way!


Thunder Clap: Jacob's Ladder


I crashed down on the fortieth floor, the elevator door twisted around me in a shape halfway between a cocoon and a surf board. Prying myself out took a few seconds but I’d had a little practice over the last twenty floors. 1,668 more words


Circuit workout of the week

This is a great one if you are time poor. Some days you only have 30 to 45mins to get-it-done so this is a good one. 67 more words