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Circuit Training
Tire Flips: 5X5 last to 10
Negative Pull-Ups: 5X5
Sledge Swings: 5X10/side last to 15 tried the Thor Hammer and I can pick it up…that’s about it. 67 more words


Mondays workout!

Yesterday was a short workout kind of day for me. From running 40 minutes on Sunday and the HIIT workout, along with all the walking and sitting out in the heat, my body was super tired, so all I did yesterday was a circuit. 120 more words


Illinois Circuit Court Dismisses Malaysia Airlines Petition on Point of Law

A Cook County Circuit Court judge has dismissed two discovery petitions filed in her court over the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The Rule 224 discovery petitions were filed prior to expected wrongful death lawsuits against Boeing and Malaysia Airlines. 131 more words

The value of margin in CMOS scaling

I found a very illustrative slides on showing the potential in exploiting the design margin in CMOS technology, especially for the deeply scaled CMOS.

ref:¬†http://vlsicad.ucsd.edu/Presentations/talk/UCI-Colloquium-121031-v7-distributed.pdf… 94 more words

Fitness Challenge #1

After a session with a client today, I decided to walk the talk and do the routine that I set for him during the session. Below is the circuit that he went through, twice. 57 more words


Tabata Circuit 1

Tabawhat now?

Tabata training is a version of HIIT (high intensity interval training) created by Professor Izumi Tabata in 1996. ¬†Tabata’s research was conducted with Olympian Speed-skaters who completed 20 seconds of ultra-intense activity, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 rounds) 4 times a week. 411 more words

Work It

An "easy" aerobic circuit training for weight loss

This program works great for weight loss and basic muscle toning.

If you do not care about the how and why I reccomend you scrol down a couple paragraphs. 341 more words