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Beanie and fun

Hello, my dear friends!

I have taken a small break from knitting my dress (which looks more like a tunic than a dress… ) to knit a beanie for my Big man. 184 more words


A spotty backgroud

…. well, I must admit that it was worth the effort….

….my photos will have a much more fancy look from now on…. :) :) :)

…. to be continued….


Buzzing around...

……  knit, crochet, craft, buy, search, muse, think, combine, adjust….

….. I have to slow down… I have to indeed…. sometimes I have so many ideas, so many desires, but so little time and almost no space for crafting…. 112 more words


Guess What Came in the Mail

Today I went to lunch and when I got back home there was a box waiting for me.

When we pulled into the driveway I yelled, “Do you think that’s my yarn?” My cousin responded by laughing and saying, “Hash-tag, old lady problems.” #oldladyproblems… 60 more words


The dress progress

Sorry but I couldn’t resist….. this is how my project looks like at 6:30 p.m. today :) :) :) ….. there are 29 cm knitted already…. 7 more words


My new WIP :: A knitted dress

Hello,my dears!!

Yes, I know, I know, my insanity is wildly well known …. better, it has become my distinctive feature…. but, God, I can’t help myself, I just can’t stay without anything to do…. 72 more words


Ta-Dah :: the baby cardie

Oh yeah….

…..finished off, steamed and blocked….. :) :) :)

My ladies and gentlemen, the baby cardie <3 <3 <3