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I Dream of Knitting

I’m the type of person that writes down their dreams when they wake up in the morning. I keep a notebook by my bed and the first thing I do, if I remember my dream, is write it down. 78 more words

The Silver Linings Outlook

Good thing:

If you’re looking for a squishy wailing crawling human, this isn’t the place to look. We’re all out of babies in our house.  Sing hosannahs!   550 more words

Life With Little Dudes

Il mio primo cappellino, ovvero... gli aghi circolari, questi sconosciuti - My very first beanie, AKA... Hello, Circular Needles!

Presa dall’entusiasmo per la veloce realizzazione dello scaldacollo, mi sono detta… beh, ma mi serve un cappellino da usare insieme! E quindi… mi sono lanciata e ho comprato gli aghi circolari. 430 more words


The Hidden Bene's of Knitting

Every week I get some sort of feedback about knitting that is a side benefit of the knitting I do.

Daughter-in-law:  “I want to learn to knit and crochet. 224 more words



I made slippers because I thought that there would be a need for them. More comfort than just a sock and better than walking around the house in shoes all day. 176 more words

Gradual Infinity Scarf

So I probably got the general idea for this scarf off of Pinterest but I don’t remember for sure. It’s very simple. I just used two stands of Caron Simply Soft at one time, starting with two stands of gold, then one of gold and one of light blue, then two of light blue, etc. 122 more words



I want to learn to knit socks. This has been a desire of mine for a long time. Fear is the only thing holding me back. 147 more words