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Christian Arguments Going In Circles

This post by Captain Cassidy on circular reasoning has had me contemplating the nature of apologist and informal Christian argument in support of religious positions. Frequently I encounter circular reasoning in these arguments. 813 more words


What is Rose Reasoning?

Copied from: http://firstworldfeminism.tumblr.com/post/105590767098/rose-reasoning
As you can see from this beautiful picture;

A rose is a wave where the curve loops away from the origin of the graph, before passing back through and continuing with the same process until the shape is eventually closed off by meeting up with the starting point, where it would be tracing over the existing shape if continued.

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The Handbook: Knowing What a Claim Looks Like.

There is a book.

The book details everything people need to know.


But especially it tells us about The Place.

It tells us where The Place is. 2,143 more words


Sincerity Does Matter

Sometimes one word contains a mountain of information, fine print, and hidden details. Depending upon a word’s use, it can make a sentence mean something nice; switch definitions, and the sentence can become something mean and derogatory. 811 more words