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A Logical Case For The Nonexistence Of White Privilege And Institutional Racism

Some people find it easy to agree that institutional racism still exists in American culture. Or that white privilege exists. Others, such as myself, say that it simply isn’t there. 1,523 more words

Return of the Flaw #3: Around in Circles

The Bible is true because it says so. Look, 1 Timothy 3:17.

I might take your word for it, but this argument falls apart according to the standards of logic. 135 more words



An exchange with a 9th grade Algebra I student:

“I don’t like school.”
“Maybe school doesn’t like you.  Why don’t you like it?”
“Because I’m not good at it; I guess it doesn’t like me.” 639 more words

Excellent Rebuttal to Apologetic "Objective Morality" Claims invoking Hitler by NonStampCollector

My colleague, NonStampCollector (@nonstampNSC; YouTube), has posted an excellent new video that offers a refutation to a common argument made by some theistic apologists that claims that morality must ultimately be objective (requiring therefore an objective moral lawgiver = God) using a hypothetical situation positing that Hitler actually won WWII, and that because of his propaganda machine, anyone who thought ill of his extermination of the Jews would be an outcast in a minority of ethical thinkers, … 68 more words


The Lie of Lies

By Craig Eddy

This article is in response to one posted on THE // INTERCEPT by By Glenn Greenwald 24 Feb 2014, 6:25 PM EST, titled “How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations” ( … 825 more words


"If I Were You …"

This weekend, I read the comic strip “Get Fuzzy” by Darby Conley. In it, Bucky Katt  expresses annoyance at  Satchel Pooch (which happens in just about every strip). 134 more words