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Circular Reasoning, the Bible, and Atheism

I had a discussion the other day in which my interlocutor cited “reading the Bible” as the cause of his atheism. This perplexed me. And he is not the only one who has said this.   31 more words


Why I am warm... but distant towards Psychology

I do study Psychology, and do find it interesting.  I was even at one point considering a career as a Psychologist.  However, certain things about it, coupled with a modest education in logic, caused me to have ambivalent views towards it. 813 more words

Circular Reasoning

This Is Awkward

I wanted to try to do something upbeat today, but this re-blog got my attention. I clicked to read the original, and found this awesome argument for why Atheists are illogical and foolish. 1,144 more words