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Wordle #3

The wordle contains 12 words those words are:

1. Flicker

2. Larval

3. Winsome

4. Lucid

5. Influence

6. Capillaries

7. Sonnet

8. Dilate

9.┬áPieces… 34 more words

Prompt Challenge

Moderate to intense exercise may protect the brain

- People who engaged in moderate to intense exercise were 40 percent less likely to have the silent strokes than people who did no regular exercise… 453 more words

United States

Thankful Thursday - Amy Purdy, Raising An Olympian

Such a moving story of a woman who beat the odds and triumphed. Amy Purdy lost her legs at the delicate age of 19, this didn’t stop her though as she went on to be an award-winning snowboarder. 245 more words

Thankful And Gratitude

Working Model of the Heart with basic materials

I wanted to explain to my kids how the heart works, but don’t have enough money to buy one of those expensive models, nor do I have the money to buy PVC pipes and plastic tubing. 16 more words

Cardiovascular System

You probably know what blood is. To refresh your memory, blood is the red substance that seeps out of your body when you cut yourself. You also probably know you need it to survive. 711 more words

Life Science

Anatomy Woes and Physiology Fun

Last week’s PBL theme was on the gastrointestinal system and lucky me got the anatomy of the gastrointestinal system to present. Not going to lie, I did get a bit overwhelmed because I find it difficult to just learn the names of layers and cells and tissues without linking them to anything. 314 more words

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