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Important information from a reader, Aleanna, about what we should NOT put on our skin!!! ~J

Thanks, Aleanna! While I’m careful to buy many such items in a health food store, I’m appreciative that you take this beyond the toothpaste-lipstick-deodorant world into household and other chemicals, as well. 320 more words


Gem of the Day: Red Jasper

Red Jasper is gently stimulating and also an extremely protective stone. It can neutralize radiation and other forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution. Red Jasper rectifies unjust situations and grounds energy. 63 more words


My heart beats

Did you know? The heart is a muscle and it is a very important organ in our circulatory system. 89 more words


Circulatory system - learning, learning.

This is where the remnants of GSCE dumbed down science pisses me off. Veins are for deoxygenated blood, arteries for oxygenated, right? That is engrained in my being. 176 more words


C‘mon, put some heart into it!

This one is for you, Trisha… Thanks for following our blog! – Anne

Explore the anatomy and other mysteries of the heart in this interactive module. 75 more words


Why Health Officials Are Concerned About Energy Drinks

The energy drink market is booming, but that’s not necessarily a good thing when it comes to public health, says the World Health Organization’s regional office for Europe. 410 more words

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Too much energy drink consumption is unhealthy, and if you mix it with alcohol it can be deadly. Something to seriously consider. irmz

Structure and Function of Organs

««« Written by Leila Knetsch.

This is an engaging activity that helps students see how the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems interrelate. 581 more words

Gr 9-10 Science