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Paul and Spiritual Warfare!

Writing to the Galatians, Paul jumps ahead of his story to fourteen years after his conversion. Now, Paul saw Jesus in 35 CE, immediately following his receiving new orders from the high priest. 747 more words


Phantom Foreskin Syndrome

When I was born, they cut off part of my penis. Now as an adult, I have incomplete orgasms.

What about my orgasm is incomplete? Let’s say it lasts 7 seconds: 444 more words


Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

When Paul and Barnabas first set out on their missionary journey from Antioch, Mark, Barnabas’ nephew, was with them, but something occurred that caused him to turn around and leave the team. 848 more words


Romans 2:25-29 -- A true circumcision

One of the main problems the Jews had in Paul’s time was that they forgot that God wasn’t so interested in outward appearances as he was in their hearts.   617 more words

New Testament

my circumcision story Cristoph from germany

In high school, I was one of the few guys who already had a car (not very common in Germany). I lived in a dormitory during the week, and only commuted home on weekends, which was a drive of about 100 km. 727 more words


Pro-life March WC

I woke up at around 9:30 am today. I stayed in bed and debated in my head whether or not I should go to the march for probably an hour and a half. 399 more words

Bride of Blood (Exodus 4:24-26)

God probably was pissed off by Moses
who accepted God’s calling before he
realized what he did and was trudging

back to Egypt without any thought; God… 131 more words

Women Rules