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Still so much to learn...

THERE IS SO MUCH TO LEARN!!! There is so much to take into consideration for our journey! I’m still going over a lot of the stuff I had looked up before (and things I had asked Dovid via email when we were in different states). 217 more words

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The Kinabatangan River

We spent a week at Sandakan before moving on to the Kinabatangan river. The night before we left a huge storm swept across the anchorage causing some of the boats to drag again. 1,520 more words

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On the 15th July we left Turtle Island (Siligan island), without seeing the turtles, to go to Sandakan and onto the Kinabatangan river, hopefully we’d see some wildlife there. 888 more words

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Sailing Around the World Alone

How young is too young to sail around the world? The other night I watched Maidentrip about Laura Dekker, a Dutch girl who wanted to sail around the world by herself at age 14.  The Dutch courts intervene for ten months before Dekker finally got to sail when she was fifteen, completing her circumnavigation when she was sixteen.  It’s hard to say when a person is too young to do something.  We want to protect our children from harm, and we think of teenagers as being inexperienced and incapable of knowing what we know, but does that mean they shouldn’t do something if they have the ambition and the means to get what they want?  Wikipedia even has a list of… 1,024 more words


There's so much to learn...

Still looking back at things.  I’ll be posting a little at a time over the next year until we shove off. I’m still a bit overwhelmed with how there is still SO MUCH that I would like to know about! 155 more words

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Where should we stop?

I decided to look back at all the things I have already looked up and all the conversations Dovid and I have had about this trip since July of 2012 when he first invited me. 249 more words

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