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Be Kind, Always

I came across this saying on Pinterest and it caught my eye in the most humbling way… 128 more words

When You Need A Reality Check...

Can everyone truly make a difference?

Everyday you see people around you making change, people on TV doing amazing things, but can we all achieve greatness?

I’m struggling with the concept that maybe some of us are just meant to be ordinary. 261 more words


Beautiful Sound

Its heavy,

The breathing.

Sensuality seething.

Air cuts like a knife,

Then warms fair skin.

The strong fingers & hands,

This man and his life… 68 more words


so (series 3, no. 1): an update on my wellness

back home five days now & glad to be here (on sunday, the day after my return from hospital, I sat down on the back steps of Jonathan & Ora’s house to rest a little before walking home from Amalia’s 13th birthday family… 1,290 more words

My Random Writings

Veteran's day is today.

I watched a church ceremony for fallen soldiers on the news. Watching these kinds of rituals makes me feel a lot like an observer. When I see people behaving in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with my personal ideologies, I feel like I’m watching a strange psychological experiment. 178 more words


Lovers to friends.

Is it really possible to be friends with someone you had fallen for?

Hugs become less tight and more fleeting; kisses on the lips become kisses on the cheek; sitting and leaning on eachother becomes sitting in your own chair with no limbs crossing over the line; long days and nights together become few hour meetings. 91 more words

Making Something Good Out of Something So Bad.

(by Julie Lucia)

Before my first child was born, I had a miscarriage.  Unwillingly, I remember every detail.  I remember waking up in the morning before work in terrible pain. 633 more words