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Believing and never giving up are the keys to succeed.


Infectiously Happy

“The only way to become infectiously happy, is to become infected with the love of God.”

No truer words have been said, my friend. When I started out on this journey, maybe I was a little naïve.

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Fundamental Principles of Christian Morality

by Jayson M. Brunelle, M.Ed., CAGS

Is there a formula that we can use to determine the morality or immorality of human acts? As a matter of fact, there is! 580 more words


Dominos (not the pizza kind)

Life is full of the domino effect; everything that happens is the reason that something else happens. Over the past few days, the Lord demonstrated this to me in the best way. 519 more words

when life throws curveballs

I felt myself shed away in that moment. it’s strange how you could forget your life in the course of a moment. maybe life has collisions to slow down those who take it too seriously.

-Allison Ryder


Not Exempt

There are many times we hear stories of people in different situations that should lead us to the express lane on our knees but because we are not directly affected we just reflect later about how sad and hard their circumstances are. 412 more words


Use Your Thoughts To Create Your Life

You can have as many as 260,000 thoughts or more go through your mind every day. There is nothing else that you do that compares in quantity. 137 more words

Create Your Reality