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Don't You Feel It Too?

Yesterday the Jesus Calling devotion (by Sarah Young) spoke to me loudly and clearly. There are times when I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is speaking directly to me. 151 more words


A2 AR Circumstance

Actus Reus is one of the two main elements in criminal law that needs proving for a defendant to be convicted of any offence.

Circumstance: where the circumstance constitute an offence. 86 more words


Hello, my droogies, from snowy Tennessee

You know how you move to the south and think, “The weather is always beautiful – I’m going to lie in my hammock and drink sweet tea and be tan all the time?” 849 more words

Sugar Daddy

Take a STeP into my shoes...

Most cannot fathom being in circumstances outside of their own. Whenever there is turmoil or hard times in a person’s life they tend to feel isolated and that there is no one else who could possibly be going through the same circumstance. 379 more words


Excited with no reason

Tomorrow is Monday and I am sure it will be just another day.


Volta ao Mundo em Cinema - Irão

Se considerarmos que é um filme iraniano (embora filmado no Líbano, exactamente devido à realidade opressora do Irão que o filme nos apresenta),Circumstance (شرایط ) é um filme ousado. 258 more words


Opening Our Spiritual Eyes

Today’s Prayer,

Oh God, I know you love me. You have shown me in so many ways, the greatest being sacrificing your Son to become my Savior. 435 more words

Prime Time With God