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& now a recent poem i composed: born free?

This also first appeared on Facebook (where in the first line I actually wrote “born free? who tf….”). But, wtf, let’s say it…


"Any Case": a probably better Englishing than mine of Wisława Szymborska's "Wszelki wypadek"

I think it’s good that there are many different translations of good poems. Each is a somehow unique experience. I’ve just been sent this one & feel the need to share it. 81 more words




Rain on a day off differs
from rain on a business day.

On the road it is fine but soaking.
Under the tree one is protected… 19 more words


Salt, Carmel and Rain

He traced his finger gently down the bridge of her nose. They were huddled as closely together as possible, drenched in rain.  Her hair was plastered to her narrow face and neck and looked raven black when he knew that her hair was a soft golden brown.  632 more words

Flash Fiction

Did I meet you today?

I usually drive to New York City but this day I decided to take the train. Ready with my notepad and headphones, I was going to block out the world and write…but God had different plans. 1,299 more words

Recent Englishings of Three Recent IsraeliHebrew Poems

First published on Facebook on 140903. My Facebook readers may have read them, but here others can too. This post isn’t an “embedding” like the previous one. 103 more words


I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

Stephen Covey