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A Christmas of Circumstances

We’re approaching Christmas, you guys. We’re half sick of the music on the radio. Retailers want to run away from home, and most of you have realized that your inflatable snowman is on his last leg. 538 more words

Letting Go and Moving On

We all have things in our lives that may not have gone or worked out the way we wish they had. Sometimes those transitions in life are the perfect opportunity to let go of one situation in order to embrace something better coming your way. 88 more words

9 versus 1

I was so challenged the other day.

I read the story about the 10 lepers who met Jesus and asked Him to heal them. He directed them to go and show themselves to the priest. 441 more words


The Guy At Panera

A few weeks ago, before the theatre retired me, I was waiting for the Panera barista to refill the hazelnut coffee so I could face the grueling and unforgiving day with a semblance of energy. 331 more words

That Life that you Are

Odd creatures are we, in stilted cages

Banging around; clinging to our rusted bars

One after another, they are stripped from us,

Peeled away, taking fingers with them, 117 more words



Days change to night

Feelings surface with truth

Leaves fall from trees

Realization happens with awareness

The wind will blow.

Pain can resonate.

Storms will roll in. 50 more words


Be Kind, Always

I came across this saying on Pinterest and it caught my eye in the most humbling way… 128 more words

When You Need A Reality Check...