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Implementing Class of Restriction (COR)

1.Define the COR tags we will use for the restrictions.
2.Create the outbound COR lists.
3.Create the inbound COR lists.
4.Assign the outbound COR lists. 166 more words

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Digit Manipulation

A router matches outgoing dial peers with the destination-pattern command. For incoming dial peers it uses one of the following 5 rules:

1.Match the dialed number (DNIS) using the… 328 more words

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CME Configuration

Check out what are the Cisco Unified CME 9.1 Supported Firmware, Platforms, Memory, and Voice Products HERE.

The following topology will be used for this configuration. 550 more words

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Configuration Example: Cisco CUBE with FlowRoute

So you’ve decided to step-up and get a “Big Boy” phone system. You’re done with CME and you’ve moved to Call Manager (Cisco can call it whatever it wants, but to many of us it will always be Call Manager). 1,299 more words

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TFTP server configurations

Copy the Firmware files if you have them extracted:
CME#cd flash:
CME#mkdir phone
CME#cd phone
CME#mkdir 7940-7960
CME#cd 7940-7960
CME#copy tftp:// flash:/phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.bin
CME#copy tftp:// flash:/phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.loads… 87 more words

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