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Biourbanism: Rethinking the Science of Space



Full text By Anna Bergren Miller June 24, 2014. Originally posted in Shareable. (Photography by David Chu / Flickr)


Biourbanist Marco Casagrande helped reshape Treasure Hill, near Taipei, into a sustainable urban community. 2,542 more words


ADU Letter to the Editor---Star Tribune

Monday, September 1, 2014 saw a very good letter tot he editor by Andrea Kiepe, from Minneapolis.  I’ve republished it in its entirety below:

I’m writing to urge the Minneapolis City Council to allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs)–sometimes called “granny flats”–throughout the city.  

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A lot of arguments are had about the best and worst sports cities in America. But what about those unheralded sports cities, the ones who have passionate fans but not the recognition of the New Yorks or Bostons, or even the South Bends or Ann Arbors? 1,035 more words


Catching Up

I know….I’ve been absent for awhile. My apologies. I don’t know about you, but when I get extremely busy, the creative spark can fade to a dreamy shadow.  135 more words


I Think I'm in Love

I have a few favourite cities. It’s pretty hard to come up with a clear idea of why they’re my favourite cities but off the top of my head, factors that influence my connection with a city: 794 more words


mosaic of life

Scores of workers are involved in the construction work in india. Especially when the country is at the threshold of creating more world class cities (read concrete jungle), workers involved in construction has an important role. 85 more words