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Citizen Journalism: The News of the Future?

I’ve had to write about media content probably over 20 times in the last year and a half, but the one thing that I keep coming back to is how we’re living in a time where mass media is changing. 324 more words

Creations by Jasjiwan

Here are a few images of some original bead jewellery. Watch this site for notification of shows and special sales!

Citizen Journalism

(Individual) Knowledge is Power!

Okay, it’s experiment time! Switch tabs for me right now- jump onto Twitter and check what’s trending. My bet is you’ll see a bizarre mix of pop culture, inside jokes, sporting mentions and political news. 543 more words


The Importance of Raw Content in Citizen Journalism-- Why Algorithmic News Feeds are Bad News

One of the key primary differences between reading a Twitter feed and a Facebook news feed is that Facebook’s is not chronological, and hasn’t been for quite some time. 637 more words

Everyone is a reporter.

With the influence of social media creeping in on many industries, journalism and traditional news sources are of the most effected, with what has come to be known as citizen journalism. 375 more words


News-as-product, News-as-process

Increasingly we are looking to alternate sources to find out the latest news. Gone are the days where we remain relatively news free unless we turn on the TV, grab a newspaper or if its detrimental enough hear it from word of mouth. 424 more words


Wisdom in the Age of Information and the Importance of Storytelling in Making Sense of the World: An Animated Essay

Below is a video of an animated essay, the essay written and narrated by Maria Popova with animator Drew Christie. I’m posting it here on my blog because I believe it is a powerful explanation and demonstration of how people may cultivate true wisdom in the age of information through storytelling. 682 more words

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