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Why blog?

Many times as I write weekly for my blog, I think to myself, “Why am I wasting my time? Who will even care about what I have to say? 913 more words

Citizen Journalism

Journalism is constantly struggling to retain the confidence of audiences and a positive reputation. To do this requires adaptation to contemporary needs and demands of media consumers. 322 more words


The Future of Journalism:

As it is becoming increasingly clear through this blog, journalists and the journalism industry is an important issue in studies of the media. As a budding journalist, hearing that the industry is ‘dying’ and that the jobs are dwindling is comfronting. 319 more words


When Yulia Marushevska’s emotional YouTube plea for freedom went viral in February 2014 and received nearly eight million views, it demonstrated the power of social media in spreading the message of Ukraine’s political reform and spurred thousands of people into the streets. 524 more words