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Have Bylines Faded Away?

Getting credit for your work is important in all professions. Compliments from colleagues and hearing from others what it is your good at is vital to ensure you stay motivated. 327 more words


Thirteen Questions About the Future of Participatory Journalism

At this year’s Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communications conference I moderated a panel on legal, educational and practical debates about participatory journalism and citizen reporting. 654 more words

Citizen journalism is flushing out tradition

Assignment: If news agencies disappeared tomorrow, how would that affect the free flow of information around the globe? Do news agencies even have a role in the future of journalism? 598 more words


Why My Generation Can’t Let News Die

The following my last published piece as a writer for the Freestyle section of Lancaster Newspapers.
Publication date: Sept 7, 2014.

I frequently hear my generation speak of the future of news with skepticism. 444 more words


Story vs Tech: some missing commandments

This is an archetypal battle that began playing out in the garden of eden and long before Moses went up the mount with his tablets and returned with a ten chapter story we all thought was possibly missing a few essential commandments. 1,342 more words

Citizen Journalism

Wireless media drive transfer tests

Hey – having trouble getting your media from or onto or between your devices? Try a WiFi transfer drive. What are they? Well they are a couple of inches long, large, square, rectangular. 335 more words

Citizen Journalism

Fighting on the road and how citizen journalism helps investigation

An eyewitness captured on video a short episode of fighting on the traffic area in Karagandy city (Kazakhstan) last Friday and uploaded the video on the YouTube. 167 more words