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Cool Story Bro, Tell It Again...

In a world that produces proliferate amounts of stories a day, it can be pretty difficult to distinguish what stories are trustworthy and what stories are not.  462 more words

Information in Today's Digital Media--Book Trailer!

An important topic to consider today is: where do we get our information? This is something a lot of people probably don’t consider on a daily basis, but I encourage you all to check out a new ebook that will be coming to ereaders in December 2014: … 32 more words

Should all journalists be 'reflective practitioners'?

“A good journalist will be a reflective practitioner and will be aware that not simply an entertainer or a teller of stories” (Harcup 2009). De Burgh (2003) adds that “reflection is required because skills alone ‘are not enough’.” However, good research skills are vital when it comes to informing the public… 461 more words

Citizen Journalism

Making use of social media

Access to social media has become inextricably linked to all of our everyday lives. Through pictures, communication and profiles we have created a digital footprint of ourselves, a sort of digital persona. 478 more words


Week 10: News from The People

In the recent years, I have witnessed several mothers saying to their young children, “If you don’t stop running about in the train, people are going to take out their mobile phones, ‘ 1,440 more words

Technology set journalism free, now new platforms are in control

Emily Bell, the former Guardian digital editor who now runs the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, gave a speech recently at the Reuters Institute in the UK about the crossroads at which journalism finds itself today. 1,077 more words