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There are so many ideas and views about what citizen journalism really is, but I guess what it all boils down to is: what is classed as journalism (whether its be executed by the public or not) and what is simply user generated content. 160 more words


Wikileaks and media imperialism

Non-profit journalistic organization Wikileaks is owned by media company Sunshine Press, although was initially funded and started by a lone Australian political internet activist, Julian Assange. 289 more words

#citizen Journalism

Voyage to the new news world - part one

A Writer becomes a citizen journalist.

A WEEK after the 2013 federal election I was driving to my casual sub-editing job on a Fairfax weekly newspaper when I let a brilliant photo opportunity go. 1,137 more words

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The Death of Print Newspapers

I personally don’t think that newspapers have a future in the United States. There are a huge number of factors supporting this belief including technological changes and a sharp decrease in revenue. 459 more words

Citizen Journalism

The Changing Business of War Coverage

An article by Reuters discusses how the recent killing of American journalist James Foley is a measure of how the business of war coverage has changed in recent years. See the entire story HERE.



user-generated content in the media

There is an ever-increasing torrent of user-generated content on the internet, however Kate Bulky of The Guardian comments “It is increasingly hard to judge the value of amateur eyewitness film shot on a mobile phone and posted on the internet against a considered, observational documentary broadcast on a traditional television channel.” (see full article: … 222 more words