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A Wonderful Curiosity

A storyteller’s most powerful tool is their use of curiosity. Velazquez Diego uses this instrument to cut deep into the mind of the observer. He carefully designs a labyrinth of symbols and lures “our eyes inescapably into its depths” as said by art historian… 370 more words

I've forgotten what I started writing for

Wealth and the media drove Charles Kane mad. I think Orson Welles was onto something when he made ‘Citizen Kane’. So many people start out with the best of intentions, whether its to be a journalist, or a politician, or a teacher etc. 252 more words


Ihana Uteliaisuus

Uteliaisuus on kertojan voimakkaimpia työkaluja. Diego Velazquez käyttää hyväkseen katsojan uteliaisuutta painaakseen syvän jäljen hänen mieleensä. Hän suunnittelee huolellisesti labyrintin symbolit ja houkuttelee “silmämme väistämättä osaksi sen syvyyttä”, kuten taidehistorioitsija Analisa Leppanen-Guerra Chicagon DePaul-yliopistosta sanoo. 261 more words

Whistle while you swim

In wishful whistling news, a woman heard her own voice coming from a computer and decided it was a dolphin talking to her.

In August 2013, Denise Herzing was swimming in the Carribean when she heard a dolphin say “Ack ack ack squeeee”.  617 more words


Thou shalt not take the tweets of God in vain.

In retrospect, intervening in a Twitter fight between God and Ricky Gervais was probably not one of my better ideas.

In my defense,  it was bound to happen. 828 more words



When I first saw Citizen Kane (1941), I was certain that never in my life had I loved a person the way I loved that film. FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT