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"Rosebud" for $430

We’re about to get anywhere from 18-24 inches of snow in the New York Metropolitan Area over the next two days. Have you ever noticed how snowfall is measured the same way toddlers are? 723 more words

Watchmojo's top 10 movies of all time

On my search through interesting Youtube videos I encountered a channel called Watchmojo that discusses movies, TV shows, music and video games. I especially enjoyed their top 10 lists so i decided to share them with you.and firstly I wanted to go all in and show their top 10 movies of all time. 49 more words


Books Every Man Should Read

The other day a friend and I were discussing those “top books to read” lists, and he mentioned that it contained Jane Eyre. Now, I’ve nothing against that book really, but it certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near a top pick for a reading list, especially for a man. 503 more words

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Classics & Cocktails: Citizen Kane & Rosebud

My husband and I were discussing movies and realized that there is basically a laundry list of them that we should have watched by now according to everyone. 389 more words



How timely. I mean, it’s always been a ripe issue for the movies (going back to ‘Citizen Kane’), but as social media has become a perfect tool for forcing the issue, it’s  216 more words

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nightmare scene – even features animated sequence

said to have flopped because jimmy stewart was not a credible love interest, but i think the way he played the char made him a very credible creepy stalker which is what he became up to the point he realised judy was in fact medeleine. 180 more words


The Limelight evades them

Somebody has very rightly said that Cinema is the most comprehensive art form as it has a diaspora of art disciplines within it.

We as audiences, as movie goers admire movies for the stars in it, the face of the movies, the artists who are in the foreground, the director at the most. 503 more words