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Club Penguin-Building Schools and Giving Backpacks

There is a new post by Polo Field on the Cub Penguin Blog. Polo Field’s blog post is related to charity work, and how Club Penguin are working to build school for undeveloped countries and how they’re working to give back backpacks with various school supplies to students in need across the United States and United Kingdom. 242 more words

Club Penguin

she to we to me

While there are times when I need a pretty good nudge to see the best in my kids, on the balance of my days, they positively delight me. 1,350 more words


I spy something with my little eye...

I spy something with my little eye…

Picture yourself sitting in your favorite church pew.

Do you see it?

It’s right there…

It’s a staple. 1,251 more words


Plan to revoke passports raises concerns

Waldman is correct to highlight that this power could be applied arbitrarily but given that court safeguards exist, and given that there are some Canadians engaged in extremist activities in Syria and Iraq, it seems a prudent measure. 160 more words


The elitism of "private screenings" and "academic freedom"

Two weeks ago, Singapore’s Media Development Authority announced that they had banned public screenings of Tan Pin Pin’s film “To Singapore, with Love.” The film brings together interviews from political exiles and dissidents who have chosen to leave Singapore because they face perceived or real threats of state persecution. 1,138 more words


Does a high-schooler know as much about the U.S. as an immigrant does?

Immigrants applying to become U.S. citizens must pass a 10-question civics test that asks questions related to American history and government, but now one civics-minded group wants all high school students to take the same test, regardless of where they were born. 499 more words


Scotland and the erosion of national citizenship

The referendum on the independence of Scotland has a historical significance for citizenship. A defining challenge to the dominant paradigm of existing nation-states emerged from both sides of the campaign, as they exhibited competing visions of how a plurinational democracy can work. 753 more words