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Feel-good Friday: Fruitful

Grapefruits the size of footballs, Oranges the size of Watermelons and Lemons the size of Grapefruit…

picked or fallen from the trees right outside our front entrance.

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Winter salad Wednesday: Smoked cod, orange, beetroot.

A lot of our preconceptions about healthy, diet food centre on Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers rather than Northern European turnips and potatoes. 767 more words


Winter Squash and Carrot Orange Soup with Marmalade

I had something else to do when I got the soup mandate. My husband said he was willing to shovel snow from the driveway so that I could go on a mission in my car. 421 more words


Lemon juice-pickled onions with liver

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but for many they can be food related. If you’re looking to try new things, eat more healthily or be more responsible or sustainable in your consumption, this recipe ticks all the boxes. 378 more words


Meditation on Citrus Fruit

The cheerful colors, fragrance and sweet taste of seasonal citrus fruit, bring a burst of sunshine in the middle of winter that enliven our senses, and welcomes the… 122 more words

From The Classroom

Oranges and Limes - Shades and Tints

Students had a further opportunity to study citrus fruit. This time they focused on the colors of oranges and limes. The segments of citrus fruit lend themselves to making a color wheel of sorts. 63 more words

Art Work

Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon Marmalade, plus Bonus Citrus Jelly

When it comes to marmalade, I’m into technique. Every year, I try another method while repeating a few favorites. The difference in method is not so much in the cooking sequence. 907 more words