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The Queen of Hearts

Christchurch has recently been “invaded” by an army of giraffe statues.  They are spread around the city and are each decorated differently.  I found this one in Cathedral Junction and she was quite obviously dressed as the Queen of Hearts.

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Mr. Rogers

An old friend’s engagement portraits. The future Mrs. and Mr. Rogers.


New York has a very particular kind of silence.

It’s the kind of silence that speaks through frozen art, seeps in through silent brick manila skylines; the kind of silence found in the divine’s fallen messages, fallen like the rebellious archangel, fallen like prophecy, fallen like silent whispers and sudden stairs. 145 more words

condo box project

Toronto is condo boom town. The explosion of development within the last ten years means that Toronto will be left with buildings that will be associated our time: the 2000s and 2010s. 310 more words