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City Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Gang-Controlled Properties In South LA

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — City Attorney Mike Feuer Thursday filed a nuisance lawsuit against several gang-controlled properties in South LA.

Feuer announced the suit during a 10 a.m. 178 more words


Local police scandal caught on tape

PAWHUSKA, Okla. – All over the state people are weighing in and most are outraged at what appears to be special treatment of a high-ranking city official. 424 more words


"Facilitation" at the FDDP CAC (I): "Basecamp"


a2underwater has been concerned for some time about the management and facilitation of the CAC for the main FDDP Effectiveness Study. That is the most important of the various FDDP-related studies for Target Area residents and other opponents of the FDDP. 378 more words

OHM Advisors

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Introduction This is an updated post. a2underwater has been concerned for since April 2013 about the management and facilitation of the CAC for the Sanitary Sewer and Wet Weather Evaluation Study. That is the most important of the various FDDP-related studies for Target Area residents and other opponents of the FDDP. The CAC was discussed at the Community Meeting on Jun 11, 2014. We'd like to start filling in the wider picture of the various CAC and the studies, groups and boards that appear to support the CAC. This complex of interdependent and jointly managed studies (each covered by a separate consulting agreement, with its own budget and personnel) now involve both City and County officials and staffing. The purpose of the entire effort appears to be to obtain a favorable report on the FDDP in an effort to save the FDDP and the FDD Ordinance, for a variety of political purposes, at the very same time that Target Area residents are seeking an end to the FDDP, the use of FDDs and repeal of the FDD Ordinance and the cases of three Target Area residents are in court. OHM Advisors ("OHM") has the overall contract for this expensive study (an estimated $1.4 million dollars, plus a large committment Project Innovations is OHM Advisors' main public relations subcontractor. It's president, Charles Fleetham, facilitates the CAC, which is an "unsanctioned" CAC, that is, the members were not vetted by City Council in any way and have no expertise in engineering, law or other matters they are apparently expected deal with in a report later this year.  The plan provided to the City Council by OHM Advisors and Project Innovations well before the CAC was launched raises questions about the legitimacy of the whole exercise. Public Comment Very Restricted at CAC Meetings Transparency problems were apparent from the first meeting of the CAC just from a reading of the agenda, on which the CAC facilitator had severely limited public commentary. According to City policy, though CAC's are not subject to the Open Meetings Act, that doesn't mean that CAC meetings should be held in secret or do their business free from access to their records under FOIA and at a password-protected and designed to operation "free from public scrutiny." That is a direct quote from the CAC's facilitator, Charlie Fleetham, a consultant with Farmington Hills-based Project Innovations. We'll also be discussing Mr. Fleetham's methodology for the CAC--named by him "Unrational Leadership™"--which is trademarked. The word "unrational" is not a typo, and we'll leave it at that for the moment. Processes Closed to Public View We are also concerned at the amount of private communications already conducted by Mr. Fleetham and OHM personnel with individual CAC members. Mr. Fleetham, the facilitator, and others from the OHM group have met privately and extensively (sometimes for hours) with CAC members and regularly call CAC members on the phone. A part of this work appears, from what we have heard, to be simple lobbying of CAC members in support of the effectiveness and desirability of FDDs, not just facilitating CAC meetings. "Basecamp" OHM and Mr. Fleetham have now arranged for an increasing amount of the CAC's future work to be conducted completely in private, without even "citizen observers" present. The culmination of this effort is an entire new password-protected website, called "Basecamp," where a lot of CAC business is now done on-line between OHM's group, including Mr. Fleetham, and the CAC at a Project Innovations-owned and operated website. This is, in essence, a running CAC meeting without any public view. But there is a major dispute going on now between CAC members and the CAC Facilitator over whether, as the Facilitator has said in plain English with the support of the City Attorney's Office, "Basecamp" materials should be hidden from FOIA requesters by the expedient of keeping them at a Project Innovations-operated website. Next Post--Hiding CAC and SSO Task Force Documents from FOIA Requesters